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Development Research Group

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Research Initiatives

Interior of the Stuttgart Public Library
Impact Data and Evidence Aggregation Library (IDEAL)

The last few decades have seen explosive growth in the number of impact evaluations that seek to guide policy decision-making in low-and middle-income countries. However, a key challenge is the lack of standardization and comparability of the main results produced by each study. Currently in a pilot phase, the Impact Data and Evidence Aggregation Library (IDEAL) is aiming to fill this gap.

The World Bank
The Long Term Growth Model

The Long Term Growth Model (LTGM) is an Excel-based tool to analyze long-term growth scenarios building on the celebrated Solow-Swan Growth Model. The tool can also be used to assess the implications of growth (and changes in inequality) for poverty rates.

The World Bank
Chile Research and Development Center

The Research and Development Center in Chile conducts research on financial development relevant to Chile and other countries and generates knowledge to inform policymakers, practitioners, and the academic community on how the financial sector can foster growth across the economy for a more prosperous and equitable society.

Land Conference 2017
Land Governance Assessment Framework

The LGAF is a diagnostic instrument to assess the state of land governance at the national or sub-national level. Local experts rate the quality of a country's land governance along a comprehensive set of dimensions. These ratings and an accompanying report serve as the basis for policy dialogue at the national or sub-national level.

Global Tax Lab

This new initiative will identify the highest value opportunities for domestic resource mobilization. Building on 15 long-term country partnerships, the lab will generate capacity to make better use of administrative data, in collaboration with the Equitable Growth, Finance, and Institutions (EFI) Global Practice and DIME.