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BRIEF December 21, 2023

Trade Watch

Travel services recover ahead of new supply chain stress

  • Global goods trade picked up slightly in September and October 2023 but remained below levels in the previous year.
  • Services trade continued to recover, and travel exceeded 2019 pre-pandemic levels, albeit international tourist arrivals were yet to catch up, particularly in China and the rest of East Asia.
  • Capacity constraints remained relaxed and shipping rates low through October 2023, despite persistent stress at the Black Sea and in Asia, and traffic jam at the Panama Canal. Yet, the resilience of supply chains is being tested again by disruptions at the Red Sea.

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Trade Watch—a product of the Trade and Regional Integration Unit of the World Bank—provides up-to-date data from an array of sources, along with analysis of recent trade developments.

About the Trade Watch series

Since April 2020, the World Bank has produced the COVID-19 Trade Watch series, which tracks trade flows in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The series relies on real-time shipping data, official trade statistics for goods and services, and other sources to provide a perspective on how trade is responding to the latest economic developments.

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