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  • Market-Based Models and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Options for Non-Sewered Sanitation (NSS)

    This report is part of a broader piece of analytical work: Identification and Evaluation of Market-

    Based Models and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Options for Non-Sewered Sanitation (NSS)

    Services in Selected Cities/Towns in Kenya. The report builds on earlier market intelligence research

    (unpublished) conducted in Kisumu, Malindi, Nairobi (Eastlands), Naivasha, and Wajir as well as

    the NSS business model report (unpublished), which identifies and evaluates promising marketbased

    business models for scaling up NSS across the entire NSS service chain: from containment

    to emptying and transport to treatment and disposal/reuse.

  • WBG-Annual-Report-2022

    Countries around the world are facing multiple overlapping challenges,

    which are hindering—even reversing—progress toward their development

    goals. Extreme poverty rose globally in 2020 for the first time in over two

    decades. Many countries are still grappling with the health, economic, and

    social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic; and vaccination rates remain low

    in the poorest countries. Already high inflation has been exacerbated by the

    Russian invasion of Ukraine, making food, energy, and other necessities more

    expensive, with much of the burden falling on the poorest and most vulnerable


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