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  • New Feature: World Bank DataFinder Mobile Apps

    The new DataFinder app highlights the progress that's been made at the Bank since the Open Data Initiative was launched in April 2010. For the first time, the Bank's data are available to users on any of the three major mobile platforms - and in four languages.  Read More: »

  • Ending Poverty and Hunger by 2030

    An Agenda for the Global Food System

    To permanently end poverty and hunger by 2030, the world needs a food system that can feed every person, every day, everywhere; that can raise real incomes of the poorest people; that can provide safe food and adequate nutrition; and that can better steward the world's natural resources.  Read More »

  • Commodity Markets Outlook 2015

    Quarter 1

    Broad-based commodity price declines occurred in the second half of 2014. Crude oil prices declined the most, down 55 percent to $47 per bbl (barrel) in early January, from a high of $115 per bbl in late-June 2014, bringing an end to a four-year period of high and stable prices.  Read More »

  • Jobs or Privileges

    Unleashing the Employment Potential of the Middle East and North Africa

    This report shows that in MENA, policies that lower competition and create an unleveled playing field abound and constrain private sector job creation.  Read More »

  • Turn Down the Heat

    Confronting the New Climate Normal

    This report focuses on the risks of climate change to development in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, and parts of Europe and Central Asia.  Read More »

  • Global Economic Prospects

    Having Fiscal Space and Using It

    Global growth again disappointed in 2014 but a lackluster recovery is underway, with increasingly divergent prospects in major economies.  Read More »

  • Twinning the Goals

    How Can Promoting Shared Prosperity Help to Reduce Global Poverty?

    This paper simulates the global poverty headcount under three growth scenarios for the bottom 40 percent up to 2030.  Read More »

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