LAC Equity Lab: Country at a Glance

The Country-at-a-Glance contains two key products of the poverty global practice. These include the (i) Poverty and Equity Briefs (PEBs) and the (ii) Macro Poverty Outlooks (MPOs) published by the World Bank’s Poverty Global Practice twice a year.

The MPOs present the extent to which GDP growth translates into poverty reduction over time. Recent trends and projections of key macroeconomic indicators is also provided along with the risks and challenges the countries might face in achieving continued growth and poverty reduction. 

The PEBs provide a concise summary of the main welfare indicators for each country. These include poverty headcounts based on the (i) National poverty line, (ii) the International Poverty line of US$2.15 per person per day, (iii) the Lower middle-income country poverty line of $3.65 per person per day (LMIC), and (iii) the Upper-middle income country line of $6.85 per person per day (UMIC), all expressed in 2017 PPPs. The World Bank’s official measure of shared prosperity defined as the annualized income or consumption growth of the bottom 40 percent as compared to the overall population is also included. In addition, PEBs present the key characteristics (in terms of location, education and gender composition) of the poor and the bottom 40 percent as compared to the non-poor and the top 60 percent.