LAC Equity Lab: Human Opportunity Index - Subnational

There exist significant differences within Latin American countries in equity and access to childhood opportunities. This dashboards presents the HOI by opportunity for different sub-regions in each country and for the latest available year. The subnational regions covered depend on the country.

Source: Molinas, J., R. Paes de Barro, J. Saavedra and M. Giugale. 2012. "Do Our Children Have a Chance?" The 2010 Human Opportunity Report for Latin America and the Caribbean. Washington, DC: World Bank.

For more information on the calculation of HOI and the D-index, click here.

The SEDLAC (CEDLAS and WB) harmonization is an effort to increase cross-country comparability. However, methodological changes in the underlying surveys may result in non-comparable data that the harmonization process cannot fully solve. It is important that the user know what data is and is not comparable. For more information, visit the comparability dashboard.