LAC Equity Lab: Shared Prosperity

The World Bank Group adopted two overall goals: to end extreme poverty by 2030 and to boost shared prosperity in every society. Shared prosperity combines growth with equality. The main indicator used to measure this is the growth in the real per capita income of the bottom 40 percent of the income distribution. This captures the concept of shared prosperity more than other measures of welfare, such as per capita GDP growth, since it takes into account how much the poorest people are benefiting from economic growth.

The Shared Prosperity section of the LAC Equity Lab includes the following data:


Income Growth of the Bottom 40%

Annualized growth rate of income for the poorest 40 percent of the population and for the overall population, for different time periods. It is one of the World Bank Group’s twin goals.         


Bottom 40% Characteristics

Differences in socio-economic characteristics between the bottom 40 percent and the top 60 percent of the income distribution for LAC countries, by year and by economic group.