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Closing Gaps, Increasing Opportunities : A Diagnostic on Women’s Economic ...

In Nigeria, closing gender gaps in key economic sectors could yield additional gains of US9.3 billion dollars or up to US22.9 billion dollars. This report identifies and measures gender gaps in economic sectors, analyzes the drivers of such gaps, estimates their the cost to the gross domestic product (GDP) and offers policy guidance to target the drivers of inequality effectively.

Breaking Barriers: Female Entrepreneurs Who Cross Over to Male-Dominated ...

A new World Bank report explores the difference in profits among female entrepreneurs who cross over into male-dominated sectors (MDS) compared to those who remain in traditionally female-concentrated sectors (FCS). It aims to fill the gaps in the literature on gender-based sectoral segregation.

Beyond Money : Does Migration Experience Transfer Gender Norms Empirical ...

This paper examines the impact of return migration from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf on the transfer of gender norms to the Indian state of Kerala. The paper finds that returning migrants from Saudi Arabia tend to exhibit conservative values regarding gender-based violence and extreme attitudes pertaining to the perpetration of physical violence against women.

Childcare and Mothers’ Labor Market Outcomes in Lower- and Middle-Income ...

This paper reviews 22 studies which explore the causal impact of institutional childcare on maternal labor market outcomes in lower-and-middle income countries. The authors further analyze aspects of childcare design, including hours of operation, ages of children, and coordination with other childcare services that may increase the impact on maternal labor market outcomes.

How Have Firms Fared in Times of COVID-19 in Addis Ababa

This paper assesses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and related containment measures on firm operations in Addis Ababa.1 The World Bank, in collaboration with the Job Creation Commission (JCC), implemented a highfrequency phone survey of firms (HFPS-F).



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