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BRIEF November 10, 2023

Addressing Gender-Based Violence: 16 Days of Activism

"We have intensified our efforts to help countries prevent and respond to gender-based violence." Watch Human Development Vice President, Mamta Murthi, discuss the importance of preventing gender-based violence. 

Blog Dec 08, 2023

On the road to safe transport for women in Egypt

In Egypt, efforts to foster women’s empowerment and address GBV have seen significant progress.

Blog Dec 07, 2023

Breaking the Chains: Empowering women to escape domestic violence through ...

Quality support services for survivors of domestic violence are essential if women are to escape the cycle of violence.

Blog Dec 07, 2023

Turning Pain into Power – Three lessons we learned about the intersection of ...

Three things we learned about gender-based violence (GBV) from one year of engaging with and listening to people with disabilities all over Tanzania.

Blog Dec 06, 2023

A vision for gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and response in eastern ...

What the World Bank has learned about preventing and responding to GBV and the opportunities to scale up engagement in countries in eastern Africa.

Blog Dec 06, 2023

Malawi: Addressing the heightened risk of gender-based violence (GBV) amidst ...

In Malawi, climate disasters exacerbate the already alarming rates of violence against women & girls. Christie Banda's blog highlights the impact of Cyclone Freddy and the resilience of survivors.

Blog Dec 04, 2023

In Mozambique, civil society calls for an end to gender-based violence (GBV) ...

Enlightening insights shared by civil society and non-government organizations, private sector representatives, and legal practitioners in Mozambique.

Blog Dec 01, 2023

Kickstarting your journey as a fighter against gender-based violence (GBV): ...

Rufaro Chakanetsa emphasizes the importance of confidentiality, working with local organizations, and continuous learning to become a responsible advocate against gender-based violence.

Feature Story Nov 30, 2023

Understanding the reason behind the 16 days of activism against gender-based ...

The eradication of Gender-Based Violence is an urgent task that requires everyone's commitment. Action is needed now to create a world in which all women and girls can live free from violence.

Blog Nov 30, 2023

Gender-based violence affects 20% of women in ECA, costing countries ...

In Europe & Central Asia, gender-based violence affects the lives of millions. To build human capital, we must tackle gender inequality's roots, ensuring women & girls' full contribution to the prosperity and security of their countries.

Blog Nov 27, 2023

From evidence to action: How to prevent and respond to gender-based violence

Gender-based violence is preventable. Evidence shows that multi-sectoral approaches involving women, men and youth can reduce violence.

Blog Nov 27, 2023

Protecting women and girls from cyber harassment: a global assessment

An estimated 95% of online aggression, harassment, abusive language, and denigrating content is directed at women. This blog makes suggestions for how to tackle this global issue.

Blog Nov 25, 2023

Addressing gender-based violence as a pathway for economic growth, inclusion, ...

Addressing GBV through investment in gender equality can generate positive multiplier effects for the economy: It helps expand women’s access to education, essential services, labor markets, and social capital.

Story Nov 13, 2023

Women in Haitian Labor Market: Rodeline’s Story

The latest Gender Assessment for Haiti: Haiti's Untapped Potential: An Assessment of the Barriers to Gender Equality provides diagnostics, and policy recommendations that make gender gaps more visible to policymakers and stakeholders.