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BRIEFMarch 11, 2024

World Bank Gender Strategy 2024 – 2030: Accelerate Gender Equality for a Sustainable, Resilient and Inclusive Future

Gender equality is an urgent imperative. The world is experiencing an unprecedented set of crises with disproportionately negative impacts on women, girls, sexual and gender minorities, and marginalized groups. At stake is the fundamental human right of gender equality for all people, a matter of fairness and justice. It is a foundation for a peaceful and prosperous world and essential for development. Yet achieving gender equality is uniquely challenging and complex. It calls for changes spanning country laws and policies, public and private sector activities, and personal lives. Growing evidence on the wide-ranging negative impacts of gender constraints, and on how to address them, can inspire and inform the way forward.

The proposed WB Gender Strategy 2024-30 puts forward the bold ambition to accelerate gender equality for a sustainable, resilient, and inclusive future in alignment with the World Bank Evolution Roadmap. The Strategy responds to the global urgency, fundamentality, and complexity of achieving gender equality. Building on implementation of the WB Gender Strategy 2016-23, the new strategy proposes to engage with greater ambition – approaching gender equality for all as essential for global development – and to engage differently.

The WB Gender Strategy 2024-30 proposes a focus on innovation, financing, and collective action to end gender-based violence, elevate human capital, expand and enable economic opportunities, and engage women as leaders. 

The Strategy is being shaped by extensive and inclusive engagement with public and private sector clients, development partners, civil society and other key stakeholders, and will be formally launched in 2024. 

A series of inputs are informing the proposed WB Gender Strategy 2024-2030. These include a 10-year Retrospective on Gender and Development, a Retrospective of IFC’s Implementation of the World Bank Gender Strategy 2016- 2023, a Retrospective on Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Response in World Bank Operations, and a series of  thematic policy notes and causal evidence briefs providing a synthesis of global knowledge and lessons learned in implementation.  

Hana Brixi, Global Director, Gender

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Global Director, Gender