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VideoMay 23, 2023

Closing Gender Gaps in Earnings – Gender Strategy Thematic Notes Interview Series

This series features short interviews with the authors of the Gender Strategy Thematic Policy Notes. The notes provide an analytical groundwork for the World Bank Group Gender Strategy 2024-2030, and summarize key evidence on thematic issues, promising areas for future engagement on promoting gender equality and empowerment.

In this interview, Abhilasha Sahay, Economist in the Gender Group, World Bank, and Sanola Daley, Operations Officer, IFC, talk about interventions that can help close gender earning gaps. For example better access to information on pay and salary would provide women who have recently graduated from university with relevant information on salary and skills so they are able to apply and negotiate for their salaries without facing a gap in the beginning.

“By providing adequate leadership skills training and opportunities to women we can make sure that women reach their full potential along their entire career cycle".