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International Women's Day 2021—Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world


Image Credit: UN Women

As we mark International Women’s Day, we celebrate women’s roles in the significant-but-unfinished progress towards gender equality and recognize the leadership and contributions of women in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the same time, data indicate that gender gaps are widening following the pandemic and its effects, and that gains in women’s and girls’ accumulation of human capital, economic empowerment, and voice and agency, painstakingly built over past decades risk reversing.

The good news is that women are stepping up – alongside men - to both mitigate and reverse these effects. They are using innovation and new knowledge to put women at the center of building more inclusive, sustainable and resilient economies which can better withstand future shocks.

Here are some inspiring global examples and helpful resources to learn more and get engaged. 


WB Live Event: Why Investing in Women and Girls Matter Now More than Ever

Blog: Why investing in women and girls matters now more than ever

East Asia & the Pacific

Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World

Blog: Empowering women for resilient recovery in East Asia and Pacific

Europe & Central Asia

Campaign: Gender Equality in Europe and Central Asia

Blog: To the inspiring women of Central Asia: Thank you!
Latin America & Caribbean 

Blog: A year of reflection and action, but not of celebration

Resource: Gender Innovation Lab

Middle East & North Africa

Event: “Preventing another lost decade in MENA through Women’s Economic Empowerment

Blog: Legal reforms are key — but not enough — to empowering women across MENA

South Asia

Campaign: South Asian Women Leaders For Change

Blog: COVID-19 propels South Asian women entrepreneurs into the digital economy