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Gender, Marginalized People and Marine Spatial Planning

How to improve livelihoods, empower marginalized groups, and bridge the inequality gap. Learn more in the new factsheet series' inaugural issue.


PROBLUE 2021 Annual Report

As countries rebuild their economies devastated by the pandemic, sustainable ocean development is more important than ever. As of FY21, the overall PROBLUE portfolio reaches $60.3 million and supports 85 activities across 71 countries.


Charting a Course for Decarbonizing Maritime Transport

A new series of reports by the World Bank and supported by PROBLUE identifies “green fuels” - ammonia and hydrogen - as the most promising zero-carbon bunker fuels within the shipping industry at present.


Banking on Protected Areas: Promoting Sustainable Protected Area Tourism

The report estimates the economic impact of promoting nature-based tourism in protected areas for local benefits in Zambia, Nepal, Brazil, and Fiji.


Market Study for Thailand: Plastics Circularity Opportunities and Barriers

Supported by PROBLUE, this study uses a plastic value chain approach to evaluate Thailand’s plastics recycling industry and its role in supporting a circular economy.


Preventing Marine Plastics: A Circularity Approach

The World Bank and PROBLUE are transforming the lifecycle of plastic and helping countries move towards a circular economy. These interventions build a better world for all, especially for the world’s poorest.


Why We Need a Blue Recovery

Why special attention is needed for a blue recovery as countries rebuild from the impacts of COVID-19? Read blog to learn more.


About the Program

PROBLUE is an umbrella multi-donor trust fund, administered by the World Bank, that supports the sustainable and integrated development of marine and coastal resources in healthy oceans.

What is the Blue Economy?

The Blue Economy refers to the sustainable and integrated development of economic sectors in healthy oceans.


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