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PROBLUE: Healthy Ocean, Healthy Economies, Healthy Communities


Feature Stories

The Blue Economy: An Ocean of Opportunity for Women, March 2024

Head Above Water: São Tomé and Príncipe's Path to Flood Resilience, December 2023

“We are losing our treasure”: the West African coastal areas tackle plastic waste, July 2023

Fisheries Under Pressure - from Ghana to the Caribbean, March 2023

Securing Our Future Through Biodiversity, December 2022

Maldives Is Turning Waste to Wealth, Energizing Youth, to Safeguard its Future,
July 2022

How social protection can support people and sustain fisheries, June 2022

Making Lagos a Pollution Free City: Solving the threat one solution at a time, June 2022

What you need to know About Oceans and Climate Change, February 2022

Charting a Course for Decarbonizing Maritime Transport, April 2021

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Green shipping fuels made in South Africa, November 2023

Unlocking the potential of the seaweed sector for sustainable growth, August 2023

Lebanon: Baseline survey reveals alarming marine litter crisis, July 2023

Pricing emissions from shipping: Where should the money go?, June 2023

Plastic pollution in MENA oceans: Transboundary problem in need of transboundary solutions, June 2023

Creating sustainable ports in the Caribbean: A blueprint for Blue Ports, June 2023

The intersecting needs of women and mangroves in coastal Guinea, April 2023

Understanding the women mangrove nexus in coastal Ghana, April 2023

Restoring Guinea’s mangroves for coastal resilience, April 2023

Managing with mangroves: cost-effective coastline protection for Ghana, April 2023

Nature’s high returns, December 2022

Charting a green, resilient, and inclusive development path for Madagascar, November 2022

Unleashing the blue economy of the Eastern Caribbean, July 2022

Small islands in Southeast Asia: Awash in a sea of plastic, June 2022

Pakistan’s Coastal Ecosystem and Opportunities to Tackle Climate Change, June 2022

Global ocean governance is critical as climate hangs in the balance, May 2022

Using Marine Spatial Data to Inform Development Work and Public Policies,
March 2022

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