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PPPs for policy making: a visual guide to using data from the ICP - Further resources


The International Comparison Program’s website provides a wealth of information including frequently asked questions regarding the ICP, the use and applications of PPPs, the methodology underlying the ICP, and the program’s governance, history, and research agenda. The website also provides access to data and metadata including through the World Bank’s Databank and online tables, as well as information on researcher access to underlying detailed PPPs, expenditure data and average prices. A comprehensive eLearning course The Fundamentals of Purchasing Power Parities is also available, covering key PPP concepts, uses and applications, as well as basic PPP calculation methods and processes. Furthermore, the ICP publishes reports on the results of each cycle and methodological manuals. These include: Purchasing Power Parities and the Size of World Economies: Results from the 2017 International Comparison ProgramMeasuring the Real Size of the World Economy: The Framework, Methodology, and Results of the International Comparison Program (ICP); and Operational Guidelines and Procedures for Measuring the Real Size of the World Economy.

Users seeking more details can contact the ICP Global Office at