Croatia: improving social protection
Launch: Croatia Social Protection System Modernization Project
March 16-17, 2015Tuheljske Toplice

A new government project, in partnership with the World Bank, will support reforms to improve the country’s social protection system and make the social protection services to the most vulnerable groups better targeted, better organized, and less of a strain on public finances.

Croatia has a complex and mature social protection system which covers all main social risks and reaches a large share of the population. However, the system is fragmented, costly to administer and only a small share of its spending is targeted to the poorest.

In order to improve the system, the Government, in partnership with the World Bank, initiated a wide-ranging and complex set of reforms of the social protection system supported through the Eur70 million Social Protection System Modernization Project.

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    Participants at the opening of the Project launch workshop.
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    Working groups discuss project activities and next steps.
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    A presenter discusses social inclusion.
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    Participants of the launch workshop - group photo, Terme Tuhelj.