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On November 2, 1992 seven countries joined Switzerland to form a new constituency: Azerbaijan, Kyrgyz Republic, Poland, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. With Kazakhstan joining on November 1, 2010, the size of the constituency increased to the current nine member-countries.

Our constituency is composed of a heterogeneous group of European and Central Asian medium and small economies at different stages of development. All share a strong interest in a rules-based multilateral system that balances the interests of all members of the international community.

The client countries of this constituency have successfully undertaken far-reaching economic reforms over the last 30 years with the support from the World Bank Group. The interaction and cooperation have intensified and evolved over this time, and the Bank has become a trusted partner accompanying them on their continuing economic reform path.

This constituency stands for an efficient, effective and agile Bank which focusses on assisting those most in need, including in those countries afflicted by fragility, conflict and violence, provides high quality support tailored to the needs of all its clients, and assumes a leadership role in crisis response and global issues such as climate change, in line with its mandate and comparative advantage. To succeed in ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity, the Bank needs to mobilize private sector financing, create markets and remain innovative harnessing the potential of the transformative technologies.

As a mixed constituency, EDS24 can benefit from the views and experiences of both non-client and client countries and is committed to find constructive solutions to the challenges of the World Bank Group.

Mr. Dominique Favre (Switzerland) assumed his official duties as Executive Director on November 1, 2022; Mr. Jacek Kurski (Poland) assumed his duties as Alternate Executive Director on December 5, 2022.

Last Updated: January 7, 2023


  • Executive Director, EDS24, Switzerland
    Dominique Favre

    Executive Director: EDS24

  • Mariusz Krukowski, Alternate Executive Director, EDS24
    Mariusz Krukowski

    Alternate Executive Director: EDS24