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  • The World Bank
    Jeehan Nawal Abdul Abdul
    Senior Advisor to the Executive Director - Nationality: Yemen
    Constituency Countries:

    Yemen. Responsibilities: Steering Committee, IDA, Conflict Resolution System, Human Resources (HR), External and Corporate Relations (ECR), Fragile, Conflict & Violence (including overall coordination on Refugee and Forced Displacement issues), Gender, LICs, Aid Harmonization, Humanitarian Issues, Voice Secondment Program, United Nations (including ECOSOC), Civil Society, Migration and Remittances

  • The World Bank
    Fawaz Farouk Abdel Karim Bilbeisi
    Senior Advisor to the Executive Director - Nationality: Jordan
    Constituency Countries:

    Jordan and West Bank and Gaza. Responsibilities: IFC, MIGA, IFC Treasury, IFC Partnerships and Advisory Services, Ombudsman/CAO (IFC/MIGA), Trade & Competitiveness Global Practice, PPPs (including Global Infrastructure Facility), WBG Guarantees, Asset Management Company (AMC), Corporate Governance, New Insurance Products

  • woman with long hair
    Zainab Allawi
    Advisor to the Executive Director - Nationality: Iraq
    Constituency Countries:

    Iraq. Responsibilities: Committee on Governance and Executive Directors' Administrative Matters (COGAM), ICSID, G11, Africa Region (all countries/projects), Grant Making Facilities (GMF), Learning, Sanctions Board, Independent Evaluation Group (IEG), Integrity (INT), Governance Global Practice, Social Protection & Labor Global Practice, Education Global Practice, Health Nutrition (including food security) & Population Global Practice, Knowledge Strategy, Research and South-South Cooperation, Procurement (including Benchmarking Public Procurement), Country Engagement Model (CEM), DEC, Global Public Goods (GPGs) (General Issues, WBG Strategy and Overall Coordination), EDS11 External Website

  • Man with tie and suit
    Yaarub Abdullah Saleh Al Yaarubi
    Senior Advisor to the Executive Director - Nationality: Oman
    Constituency Countries:

    Bahrain; Kuwait; Oman; Qatar; and UAE. Responsibilities: G20; Arab Governors’ Meetings (including Joint Arab Speech); Latin America Region; Middle East and North Africa Region (Non-Constituency); Inspection Panel; Climate Change; Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy; Social Development; Urban, Disaster Risk Management, Resilience and Land; Water; GEF (coordination); High Income Countries (HICs); Reimbursable Advisory Services(RAS); Financial Management; Annual Meetings Procedures; Sustainable Development Global Practice VPU (Overall Coordination)

  • Wafa Charafeddine
    Wafaa Charafeddine
    Advisor to the Executive Director - Nationality: Lebanon
    Constituency Countries:

    Lebanon. Responsibilities: IBRD, East Asia Pacific Region, Voice Representation, Shareholding, G24, Global Monitoring Report, Chief Risk Officer’s VPU, GSD (Real Estate), IAD, Information and Technology Solutions (ITS)-Controller, Poverty & Equity (including Shared Prosperity), Transport and ICT Global Practice, Agriculture, MICs (including concessional new products/facilities for MICs under stress), Development Effectiveness/Quality Results (including Corporate Scorecard and President's Delivery Unit- PDU), Reform Process, Forward Look Exercise (Coordination), Safeguards

  • Mariyam Manarath EDS11 Advisor
    Mariyam Manarath Muneer
    Advisor to the Executive Director Nationality: Maldives
    Constituency Countries:

    Maldives. Responsibilities: Budget Committee, Audit Committee, Business Ready Methodology, Treasury, South Asia Region, SIDs, Financial Instruments