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Sahel Adaptive Social Protection Program

Fragility and Forced Displacement

Adaptive Social Protection - Fragility

This thematic area aims to support World Bank Group social protection operations in navigating the changing context of increasing fragility and forced displacement in the Sahel. The activities draw on operational insights from the Sahel program and elsewhere and promote practical operational solutions.

This involves work on three parallel streams: 

(1)  Understanding if and how ASP programs can address the drivers of fragility and displacement,  

(2)  Exploring approaches to ensure the delivery of ASP programs is adaptive to fragile environments and improve outcomes for program beneficiaries in these settings, particularly refugees,

(3)  Strengthening the alignment between humanitarian support and ASP programs across the Sahel region.


A few highlights

Alignment between humanitarian support and ASP programs.

Building on the conceptual framework of operating along the humanitarian-development nexus and six country case studies, this report presents the situation of this convergence in the Sahel and identifies the enablers or barriers to larger efforts. See here a sysnthesis PPT and here its related policy note.

A framework, key principles, and a repertoire of options for adapting social safety net projects to unprecedented levels of insecurity.

A SASPP Policy Note on "Adapting Social Safety Net Operations to Insecurity in the Sahel"  was prepared, based on the experience of ASP programs implemented in fragile and insecure contexts. The authors map operational security risks and identify ingredients for an appropriate response in risk assessment, design, beneficiary targeting, and payment systems.

A new area of analysis has been launched, which will focus on the challenges to integrating refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in national ASP systems.

Building on the experience in the Sahel and similar contexts, this area of work aims at providing clear operational guidance to World Bank Group teams.

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Sahel Adaptive Social Protection