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Sahel Adaptive Social Protection Program

Adaptive Social Protection and Human Capital

Kids Sahel Human Capital

This thematic area has been launched in 2021 with the objective to inform design and implementation of human capital interventions in the Sahel. The objective is both to enhance human capital investments and to protect households from divestments in the face of climate shocks.

The work is organized around three components:

(1)  Linkages between climate shocks and human capital in the Sahel

(2)  Interventions to strengthen investments in human capital in a shock-prone environment

(3)  Protecting existing investments in human capital in a shock-prone environment


A few highlights

Early Childhood Development (ECD) in contexts affected by fragility, conflict, and violence (FCV)

A review of the evidence on Early Childhood Development interventions presents evidence from evaluations of “cash +” programs, nutritional interventions and parenting interventions. It aims at identifying design features that make ECD interventions work in FCV contexts.

Behavioral change interventions in Niger are an effective tool to improve parenting practices and strengthen children’s socio-emotional development in the Sahel

An impact evaluation provided evidence on the effectiveness of behavioural change interventions to improve parenting practices and strengthen the children's socio-emotional development. Training parents to encourage health, nutrition, psycho-social stimulation, and childhood protection practices improved parenting practices and led to moderate gains in children’s socio-emotional development | Policy Brief and Impact Evaluation

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Sahel Adaptive Social Protection