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Sahel Adaptive Social Protection Program

Climate Shock-Responsive Delivery Systems

Adaptive Social Protection - Climate

This thematic area aims to inform the design and support the delivery of shock-responsive social protection in the six countries. Activities focus on a blend of knowledge products, learning exchanges, and just-in-time technical assistance for the design and implementation of shock-responsive safety net activities at the country level.

Activities are grouped into four components identified as critical pillars for advancing shock-responsive social protection in each country that stands to benefit from a regional approach to knowledge, learning, and technical assistance:

(1)  Designing shock-responsive social protection interventions,

(2)  Operational “nuts and bolts” of shock-responsive social protection,

(3)  Disaster risk financing and insurance strategy for shock-responsive social protection

(4)  Creating evidence of the impact of shock-responsive social protection


A few highlights 

When shocks hit, early actions can help households cope

The blog, 'Responding Faster to droughts with satellites and adaptive social protection in Niger' describes the experience of the Government of Niger, which decided in November 2021 to act early and use the national adaptive safety net system to support drought-affected households. Building on lessons from East Africa, Niger is the first country in the region to develop a trigger-based adaptive safety net for drought response designed to provide early assistance to affected households.

See also a blog by the Prime Minister of Niger and the World Bank Vice President for Human Development.




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Sahel Adaptive Social Protection