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Sahel Adaptive Social Protection Program


SASPP in a nutshell

Our program overview is now available

Download now this two pager overview exploring the SASPP multifaceted partnership! French version available on French site.

New SASPP-supported translation to French

Foundations of Social Protection Delivery Systems now in French

Delivery systems are critical in deploying a robust basis for adaptive social protection programs. This book takes a practical stance and presents concrete opportunities for coordinating efforts and moving away from a siloed approach of building parallel systems.

New Blog

5 myths about DRF for Adaptive Social Protection in the Sahel

A recent policy note evaluates the specific conditions for Disaster Risk Financing (DRF) and adaptive social protection in the Sahel. It identifies five common DRF myths that do not or only partially apply in the Sahel. Check out this new blow exploring the topic.

Annual Report 2022

Sahel Adaptive Social Protection Annual Report 2022

This report provides an overview of the country and regional activities and summarizes priorities going forward.

Policy Note

Five Facts About Shocks in the Sahel

Which shocks matter more, and what are the implications for social protection systems in the Sahel


Tackling psychosocial and capital constraints to alleviate poverty

This study shows how a multi-faceted intervention can open pathways out of extreme poverty by relaxing capital and psychosocial constraints.


How Niger’s safety net helps its most vulnerable citizens thrive amid crises

Read this blog, by the Prime Minister of Niger and the World Bank Vice President for Human Development, on how Safety Nets help the most vulnerable citizens in Niger thrive amid crises.

Sahel Adaptive Social Protection Program

About the program

SASPP is a multi-donor trust fund managed by the World Bank that supports the strengthening of adaptive social protection systems in the Sahel to enhance the resilience of poor and vulnerable populations to the impacts of climate change.
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Sahel Adaptive Social Protection Program