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Indonesia Sustainable Oceans Program

News and Events


COREMAP-CTI Launches its Third and Final Phase with Six New Projects funded by the World Bank

17 August 2020

After months of deliberation, the Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program–Coral Reef Initiative (COREMAP–CTI) is pleased to announce the chosen projects from COREMAP-CTI’s Call for Proposals. The six chosen projects will focus on: Sustainable Community use of Marine Protected Areas in Raja Ampat; Sustainable Community Use of Marine Protected Areas in Sawu Sea; Developing a National Action Plan for Threatened Species; Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Implementation in Papua Barat Province; Community Surveillance Group Support (POKMASWAS); and Community Fisheries Access Management. The chosen projects have been awarded grants between IDR 8,671,000,000 and IDR 19,492,350,000 to be awarded until the end of 2022.


Oceans for Prosperity Program determined to reform Indonesia’s Ocean Economy

2 June 2020

Indonesia’s ocean resources contribute over US$280 billion of economic activities annually, or more than a quarter of GDP. However, inadequate management and resulting degradation of these fisheries and coastal resources threatens their economic and ecological value, including livelihoods of Indonesia's coastal communities who are dependent on them. The Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries and Ministry of National Development Planning is determined to develop and make the country’s ocean economy more sustainable. The World Bank supports this vision by establishing the Oceans for Prosperity (Lautan Sejahtera, or LAUTRA) program which contributes to addressing key government priorities, including the development of Indonesia’s ocean economy that has been a longstanding priority since 2014. The program will also contribute to Indonesia’s mid-term development plan (RPJMN 2020–2024). The LAUTRA program will improve management of fisheries and coastal ecosystems and livelihoods of coastal communities through integrated investment and policy changes, with the initial phase focusing on Eastern Indonesia.


Government of Indonesia releases Behavior Change Communication Playbooks to tackle Marine Plastic Debris

5 May 2020

The Government of Indonesia (GOI) is determined to tackle the ongoing issue of marine debris that continues to pollute its waters. The GOI’s Plan of Action on Marine Plastic Debris finds that the country has until 2025 to reduce the debris by 70 percent. A key component to this plan is improving behavioral change of the population in reducing usage of plastic. To implement this component, the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment, with support from the World Bank, has released a set of four behavior change communication playbooks to empower local communities and youth across the country to kickstart their own initiatives, events, and campaigns on plastic usage. The aim is to host these playbooks on an online knowledge platform that will act as a one-stop-shop for the GOI’s Clean Indonesia Movement efforts (Gerakan Indonesia Bersih)—a nationwide campaign for a cleaner and healthier environment across Indonesia.


Oceans Multi Donor Trust Fund Highlights Milestones and Ways Forward

30 March 2020

The Government of Indonesia (GOI) through the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment (CMMAI) has demonstrated significant progress and great potential in furthering the country’s National Oceans Agenda. Members from the CMMAI, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF), Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas), Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), development partners (Norway and Denmark), and the World Bank participated in the recent Steering Committee (SC) Meeting of the World Bank managed Oceans-Multi Donor Trust Fund (Oceans-MDTF) on June 2nd, 2020. The GOI’s achievements in the past fiscal year were highlighted, including an increase in analytical efforts on Indonesia’s Ocean Policy; release of four behavioural change communication playbooks to improve behaviour towards single use plastic; and ongoing technical support to enhance coastal resilience and marine resources. The Oceans-MDTF work plan and strategic implementation for the upcoming fiscal year was endorsed by SC members and expected to deepen knowledge on the oceans agenda, increase awareness of trust fund activities through further communication and stakeholder 


PROBLUE Trust Fund supports Indonesia’s Goal towards a Blue Economy

30 March 2020

Indonesia has the ambitious goal of reforming its oceans economy and fisheries sector to become more sustainable. The World Bank continues to support this goal through the PROBLUE Trust Fund that recently approved grant funding worth US$775,000 for analytical work that will support preparation of the Lautan Sejahtera—LAUTRA (Oceans for Prosperity) program—a GOI and World Bank investment focusing on fisheries management, coastal livelihoods, and ecosystems management improvements across Eastern Indonesia. PROBLUE, a multi-donor Trust Fund that supports the development of integrated, sustainable and healthy marine and coastal resources worldwide, will assist the Bank and Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries to determine practical plans to achieve LAUTRA’s objectives. The PROBLUE-supported studies will advise on operationalization of Indonesia’s Fisheries Management Areas (WPP) system, systems for social support and economic development in coastal areas, impacts of climate change on Indonesia’s fisheries and coastal communities, and advancement of financing mechanisms for oceans-related investments, among others. The funding decision represents strong support for Indonesia’s vision of a sustainable ocean economy and confidence in LAUTRA as a pathway towards this vision.

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About ISOP

Indonesia’s Sustainable Oceans Program (ISOP) is supporting Indonesia’s transition to a blue economy by increasing the economic, social, and environmental benefits derived from healthy coastal and marine ecosystems.
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