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Indonesia Sustainable Oceans Program

Sustainably managing the oceans and its ecosystem to improve coastal communities' livelihood, protect ocean health and ensure sustainable economic growth.

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Tackling Marine Plastic Pollution

Stemming the plastics tide in Indonesia through analytics, policy reforms, investments, and behavior change.

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oceans for prosperity

New report provides a detailed set of policy recommendations to support Indonesia’s transition to a blue economy.

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Focus Areas


Supporting Sustainable Fisheries and Coastal Livelihoods

70% of Indonesians live in coastal areas and rely on the ocean for incomes and nutrition. The fisheries sector employs 7 million people and over 50% of dietary protein comes from seafood.


Building Healthy Coastal and Marine Ecosystems

Indonesia’s ocean resources are worth over $256 bn annually, more than a 1/4 of the national economy. To ensure a healthy and equitable future, the oceans are in need of sustainable management and further research.


Reducing Marine Pollution

Indonesia is the 2nd largest contributor of plastic waste. Tons of plastic leak into the ocean every year, making marine debris a critical threat to Indonesia’s valuable ocean resources.

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About ISOP

Indonesia’s Sustainable Oceans Program (ISOP) is supporting Indonesia’s transition to a blue economy by increasing the economic, social, and environmental benefits derived from healthy coastal and marine ecosystems.
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Indonesia and the Blue Economy

As the world’s largest archipelagic nation, Indonesia’s people, economy and environment greatly benefit from the blue economy — the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth and livelihoods while maintaining healthy marine ecosystems.