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Indonesia Sustainable Oceans Program


1. Support Sustainable Fisheries and Coastal Livelihoods


1.1.     Diversify ocean-based business opportunities

Undertake analytical work to inform planning for alternative income sources for coastal communities such as aquaculture and tourism

1.2.     Support local business

Increase access to finance and managerial capacity building

1.3.     Improve catch quality and reduce post-harvest loss

Introduce good practices along all levels of the value chains and support relevant trainings and certifications

1.4.     Increase livelihood opportunities

Advance income supporting activities (trainings, capacity building and payments for ecosystem services)

1.5.     Improve governance effectiveness

Support decentralization and the implementation of  workplans for fisheries management areas (WPPs)

1.6.     Expand Private Sector Investment

Provide financial and institutional support to enterprises investing in high-quality and sustainable fishing practices and marine development

1.7.     Increase access to local and international fish markets

Develop physical and logistical infrastructure (ports, cold chains, connections) and build certification capacity

1.8.     Support community based fisheries management

Increase local user rights and the recognition of traditional property in management plans

1.9.     Implement innovative financing

Undertake in-depth analysis and support financing expansion for activities contributing towards sustainable marine–based development

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About ISOP

Indonesia’s Sustainable Oceans Program (ISOP) is supporting Indonesia’s transition to a blue economy by increasing the economic, social, and environmental benefits derived from healthy coastal and marine ecosystems.
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