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Indonesia Sustainable Landscapes Management Program (SLMP)


CCDR Indonesia

Indonesia Country Climate and Development Report (CCDR)

The Country Climate and Development Report (CCDR) is a new core diagnostic developed by the World Bank Group to support countries align climate actions with development ambitions. The report is developed using countries’ own stated targets, while elaborating needs and opportunities for affordably reaching those targets.


MangroveThe Economics of Large-scale Mangrove Conservation and Restoration in Indonesia
The Economics of Large-scale Mangrove Conservation and Restoration in Indonesia

The report aims to support policymakers in providing a set of economically-sound policy scenarios to achieve greener, more resilient and inclusive development of Indonesia's mangroves ecosystems.


Sustainable Lowland Agriculture Development in Indonesia

This study marks an important step in the analysis of lowlands agro-ecological systems and their use, and the development of options and strategies for sustainable lowlands development.



Technical Report: Improving Governance of Indonesia’s Peatlands and Other Lowland Ecosystems

The report presents a technical background study that highlights the importance of sustainable landscape management of lowland areas, particularly of the peatlands within lowland boundaries, for achieving the Government of Indonesia’s objective in preventing land and forest fires. It aims to advance a policy dialogue on how to address sustainability challenges from lowland developments.


WAVES Report on Pilot Land and Extent Account in Sumatera and Kalimantan

This report presents an overview of Natural Capital Accounting, a system for assessing sustainability and resilience of the economic growth model, and the context of applying it in Indonesia


Natural Capital Accounts and Policy in Indonesia 
Natural capital accounting is a system for assessing sustainability and resilience of the economic growth model. The Government of Indonesia has become increasingly aware of the overall importance of natural capital and is proactively addressing the challenges of managing it. 

A Green and Prosperous Future for Indonesia
After having gained a leadership position in the regional economy and claimed an important place in the World’s economy ,Indonesia has a challenge: to continue growing while improving equality. This report presents a new approach to planning that embraces sustainability, for all. 


Other Resources

M4CR project
Mangroves for Coastal Resilience flyer

The M4CR project aims to enhance the management of mangroves and the livelihoods of local communities in selected coastal landscapes. The project will support policy and institutional reforms as the foundation for more effective mangrove management, in parallel to large-scale rehabilitation of degraded and deforested mangrove areas, and the creation of improved livelihoods opportunities for coastal communities. Read the flyer here.


SLMP Booklet

In this booklet, we present a brief overview of our SLMP Program: From purpose, approach, our focus areas, portfolio and financing to support an integrated sustainable landscape management in Indonesia. Download the booklet:




In this flyer, you can find relevant information about the Indonesia Sustainable Landscape Management Multi-Donor Trust Fund. Download the flyer:



Indonesia ERM
Environmental Risk Management Flyer

The Environmental Risk Management (ERM) agenda is part of the Environment, Natural Resources and Blue Economy (ENB) global practice that focuses on achieving sustainable development of World Bank projects by encouraging sustainable management of natural resources and considering mitigation measures for a greater range of environmental risks and impacts using the Safeguard Policies or ESF (Environmental Social Framework). Download the flyer here:


SLMP Overview

A short overview of SLMP Program and its Focus Area updates.


Watch Our Videos

educing deforestation Indonesia
Indonesia: Reducing Deforestation, Addresing Climate Change (2021)
A short video on how sustainable landscape management in Indonesia can contribute to the fight on Climate Change.


Bicara Bumi: Launch of three reports on Indonesia Sustainable Landscape Management (2021)
A recording of our flagship event in February 2021 that discusses the three reports on Indonesia Sustainable Landscape Management program.

Bicara Bumi Webinar: The Secret Sauce of the ABC Soup of Economic Incentives for Sustainable Landscape Management in Indonesia (2020)
A recording of our flagship event held in December 2020 that discusses the Economic Incentives for Sustainable Landscape Management in Indonesia. Download Slides here.