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Indonesia Sustainable Landscapes Management Program (SLMP)

Indonesia’s Natural Resources are Globally Significant

Healthy forests and terrestrial ecosystems are critical to our survival: they provide food security, fuel, shelter, jobs, protect against floods, and capture carbon. 


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Indonesia is endowed with extraordinary natural assets – home to the world’s largest tropical peatland areas, mangrove areas, and the third largest tropical rainforest. These natural assets and ecosystems support Indonesia’s economic growth and sustain livelihoods for millions of people. Indonesia’s natural resources also have outstanding global significance as critical habitats for irreplaceable biodiversity, including 11% of the world’s flowering species, 13% of its mammal species, 17% of the total species of birds, and 14% of its fish (including freshwater and saltwater species). Such natural resources also store large amounts of carbon that mitigate against climate change.

Forests and landscapes in Indonesia are under significant threat due to deforestation and land degradation driven by unsustainable management of natural resources. This has posed significant costs and threatened Indonesia’s long-term economic resilience and growth prospects. However, Indonesia has shown reduced rates of deforestation in recent years , demonstrating that reversing these trends is achievable.

The SLMP supports the Government of Indonesia to continue to deliver results, and brings together technical assistance, analysis and investments to address the drivers of unsustainable natural resources management, particularly deforestation.

The program works with a wide range of stakeholders to create solutions that consider food and livelihoods, finance, land rights, restoration and to support progress towards climate and development goals.


SLMP Approach

The SLMP takes an integrated approach and supports cooperation across sectors from the national and provincial government, private sector, civil society, and communities. An integrated approach is fundamental to sustainably managing forests and landscapes for Indonesia to build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic, reduce deforestation and forest degradation, and to foster sustainable and equitable economic growth.


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The Indonesia Sustainable Landscapes Management Program (SLMP) supports the Government of Indonesia to reduce deforestation and forest degradation and to promote more equitable growth through the sustainable use of forest resources.