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BRIEF February 15, 2020

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Report: Guide for Implementing Community-Based Electric Fences for the Effective Mitigation of Human-Elephant Conflict, September 2020 

Report: Tools and Resources for Nature-Based Tourism, September 2020

Ebook: Nature-Based Tourism Tools and Resources Collection, September 2020

Report: The Global Wildlife Program - Knowledge Platform 2019, May 2020

Report: Countering Wildlife Trafficking Through Kenya's Ports, March 2020

Report: When Good Conservation Becomes Good Economics : Kenya’s Vanishing Herds, October 2019

Report: Illegal Logging, Fishing, and Wildlife Trade: The Costs and How to Combat It, October 2019

Report: Countering Wildlife Trafficking Through Tanzania's Ports, July 2019

Report: The Global Wildlife Program: Knowledge Platform 2016-2018, October 2018

Report: Supporting Sustainable Livelihoods through Wildlife Tourism, February 2018

Report: Tools and Resources to Combat Illegal Wildlife Trade, March 2018

Report: Analysis of International Funding to Tackle Illegal Wildlife Trade, June 2016

Ebook: Analysis of International Funding to Tackle Illegal Wildlife Trade | Fact Sheet (pdf), June 2016

Brochure: Global Wildlife Program - English (pdf) | French (pdf), March 2017

Infographic: How to Help Save Wildlife, March 2017


A Green Economic Recovery for South Asia, May 2020

Coronavirus and the ‘Pangolin Effect’: Increased Exposure to Wildlife Poses Health, Biosafety and Global Security Risks, March 2020

The Real Costs of Illegal Logging, Fishing and Wildlife Trade: $1 Trillion–$2 Trillion Per Year, October 2019

Women in Nature Conservation: A Win-WINN, March 2019

Community-Based Forestry in Malawi Will Soon Bear Fruit, February 2019

Behind the Lens: Capturing the Story of Niassa's Elephant Defenders, November 2018

Ensuring a World Where Elephants Aren’t the Next Dinosaurs, August 2018

Levering PPPs in Mozambique to Scale Conservation and Development (also - in Portuguese), July 2018

Rowing a Boat for Tourism and Development in Vietnam, June 2018

Why Did the Elephant Cross the Road? March 2018

Big Challenges for Big Cats: Supporting Wildlife Law Enforcement in Lao PDR, February 2018

Elephants Hate Kale and Other Lessons in Bringing Conservation and Development Together, January 2018

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, December 2017

Africa Can Benefit from Nature-Based Tourism in a Sustainable Manner, September 2017

Elephants are Calling for Help: Will You Answer? August 2017

Why Law Enforcement is Essential to Stopping Illegal Wildlife Trade, July 2017

Corridors to Coexistence: Reducing Human-Wildlife Conflict, May 17, 2017

The World’s Wildlife Needs Young Naturalists, March 2017

Reducing Demand Must Be a Core Component of Combatting Wildlife Crime, December 2016

The Future of Wildlife is in Our Hands, March 2016


Feature Stories

Risking Lives to Protect Wildlife and Wildlands: Stories from Rangers in the Field, July 30, 2020

We Need to Work Together and Follow the Science, April 2020

In Vast Angolan National Park, Rangers Wear Many Hats, January 2020

Weighing the Benefits of Building a Wildlife Economy, December 2019

Joining Forces to Halt Poaching and Trafficking Across Africa and Asia, April 2019

Putting Youth to Work While Preserving a South African Ecosystem, December, 2018

Growing Wildlife-Based Tourism Sustainably: A New Report and Q&A, March 2018

Act now to save wildlife: 5 actions that make a difference, November 2017

Ramping up Nature-Based Tourism to Protect Biodiversity and Boost Livelihoods, May 2017

Engaging Communities in Wildlife Conservation, July 2016

Stunning Sights, Wild Experiences: Nature-Based Tourism A Boon for Emerging Economies, December 2015

Building Intelligence Systems Vital to Protect Elephants in Africa, June 2015

Fighting Wildlife Crime to End Extreme Poverty and Boost Shared Prosperity, July 2014

Why You Should Care About Wildlife, March 2014



Innovations and Actions: 2018 Global Wildlife Program’s 2nd Annual Conference in Zambia, April 2019

Restoring Malawi's Shire River Basin | YouTube , February 2019

iSimangaliso Wetland Park – Transforming lives and Protecting Nature, December 2018

Protecting Elephants from the Air, August 2018

Elephant Defenders: Rangers in Niassa National Reserve, Mozambique (trailer) | YouTube, July 2018

Rangers in Vietnam: Protecting one of the world’s most rare primates | YouTube, July 2018

Rowing a boat to protect Vietnam’s nature, langurs and livelihoods | YouTube, June 2018

Working together to save wildlife and ecosystems | YouTube, November 2017

Reducing Human-Wildlife Conflict and Enhancing Coexistence | YouTube, May 2017

Professor Lee White: Will African Elephants Survive This Generation? | YouTube, April 2017