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Feb 09, 2023

In wildlife conservation, gender equality brings win-win returns

This blog discusses how gender is being mainstreamed in GWP projects in Tanzania, Panama and Indonesia as well as tips for projects to integrate gender components into conservation activities.

Report Dec 21, 2022

Tools and Resources for Nature-Based Tourism – Second Edition

Impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic have reverberated across the nature-based tourism sector. This second edition aims to collect and share the many resources that have emerged over the last two years to support nature-based tourism destinations and stakeholders to recover and reset in the face of the pandemic.

Nov 18, 2022

Strengthening Inter-Agency Coordination to Combat Wildlife Trafficking

The guidance note illustrates the most recurrent challenges, experiences, and lessons learned across GWP projects to support coordination among national law enforcement agencies responsible for addressing wildlife crime and trafficking.

Oct 28, 2022

Conservation Technology Ebook

With the help of technology, protected area authorities, rangers, NGOs and practitioners are combating poaching and illegal wildlife trade and monitoring wildlife. Explore the conservation technology ebook to find out more about what technologies are in the forefront of conservation.

Oct 20, 2022

Ecological Corridors And Connectivity Resources Library

The GWP and ASL launches an up-to-date collection of resources, articles, guidelines, books, webpages, and more, on Ecological Corridors and Connectivity. Explore this interactive E-library to find out the latest knowledge and data for improving habitats and conserving wildlife.

Feature Story Oct 05, 2022

Enhancing Ecological Connectivity

Habitat loss and fragmentation are key threats that drive biodiversity loss worldwide. A workshop series commissioned by the GWP and Amazon Sustainable Landscapes Program is promoting the exchange of knowledge and access to the latest connectivity and corridors science for their national projects.

Feature Story Sep 12, 2022

Rats in Tanzania Help Fight the Illegal Wildlife Trade

With support from UNDP and USAID through the GWP, work is now underway to train African giant pouched rats to put their specialized skills to use by screening shipping containers for pangolin scales.

Video Jul 26, 2022

Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade in Thailand

Watch the video of the GWP project in Thailand to learn about how it is combating IWT domestically and internationally by strengthening collaboration, promoting coordination between law enforcement agencies and increasing public awareness to reduce demand for illegal wildlife parts and products.

Annual Report Jul 15, 2022

2021 GWP Progress Report

The report showcases the achievements and impact made by the projects and partners in 2021. Glance through the report to find out more about how the program is combating illegal wildlife trade and promoting wildlife-based economies.

Video May 23, 2022

Wildlife Conservation in the Republic of Congo

Through the Forest and Economic Diversification Project, local communities living in the vicinity of Nouabalé-Ndoki and Ntokou-Pikounda National Parks have found new opportunities to protect nature and to benefit from it.

Feature Story May 20, 2022

Wave of Solidarity

Countries across Asia supported by the UNDP through the GWP are working to combat the illegal wildlife trade through strategies like enhancing collaboration, enforcement, governance and tourism development.

feature story Mar 16, 2022

A Community of Wildlife Conservationists: Staying Engaged in Virtual Times

Find out how the Global Wildlife Program has coordinated and shared lessons with projects virtually.

Mar 03, 2022

World Wildlife Day 2022

Wildlife is an irreplaceable asset that plays a key role in the health of ecosystems and societies alike. Today over 8,400 species are critically endangered, and many thousands more are endangered or vulnerable.

Feb 02, 2022

Celebrating World Wetland Day

Wetlands are important for biodiversity conservation and they promote sustainable development goals.

Video Jan 26, 2022

Combating Illegal Wildlife Trade through Ports

Illegal trade in wildlife products is one of the largest illicit trades. Both public and private sectors must work together to combat this transnational organized crime and end illegal wildlife trade.

Feature Story Nov 29, 2021

Jaguar Conservation: Coordination, Connectivity, and Coexistence

International Jaguar Day on November 29th raises awareness about the increasing threats facing the jaguar and the critical conservation efforts needed to ensure its survival.

Toolkit Sep 30, 2021

Collaborative Management Partnership Toolkit

A new toolkit describes public-private partnership models for protected area management.

Video Sep 22, 2021

World Rhino Day

Rhinos in South Africa are threatened by poaching but dedicated organizations and passionate individuals are working tirelessly to save these species. ⁠

Feature Story Aug 10, 2021

Forensics for Wildlife

Analyzing DNA from seized elephant ivory helps fight illegal wildlife trade.

Annual Report Jul 14, 2021

The Global Wildlife Program - Knowledge Platform 2020

The report provides an overview of the GWP approach to addressing the drivers of wildlife population decline and activities implemented by the GWP projects at the global, regional, and national levels.

Jun 14, 2021

Banking on Protected Areas

The study quantifies the impacts of protected area tourism on local economies to show that protected areas promote conservation and development.

feature story Oct 02, 2020

The Journey Back to Recovery – Resources to Develop Tourism Sustainably

The tourism sector faces a loss of nearly 200 million jobs due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Nature-based tourism has been hard hit. New report offers resources to help design recovery strategies sustainably.

Feature Story Aug 13, 2020

Disrupting Maritime Trafficking of Wildlife Through African Seaports

The project on reducing maritime trafficking of wildlife between Africa and Asia is working on combatting illegal wildlife trade.

feature story Jul 30, 2020

Risking Lives to Protect Wildlife: Stories from Rangers in the Field

More than 150 rangers lose their lives on duty every year while protecting wildlife and national parks. On the World Ranger Day we honor rangers serving on the frontline of conservation.

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