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Paper Oct 07, 2019

When Good Conservation Becomes Good Economics: Kenya’s Vanishing Herds

The paper identifies the drivers of land conversion from natural habitats to other uses and examines the extent to which land conversion leads to the loss of wildlife and tourism incomes.

Blog Oct 29, 2019

The Real Costs of Illegal Logging, Fishing & Wildlife Trade

The illegal trade of timber, fish and wildlife is facilitated by corruption and weak governance across the public and private sectors, 90% of the financial losses are from ecosystem services not priced by the market.


GWP’s Video in the Top World Bank Content

A 15-second video of a family of elephants got over 20,000 views, 160 shares and 156 saves. The responses to this post are reassuring that we can work together to save these beautiful animals from extinction.

Jun 20, 2019

Announcing Global Wildlife Program - Phase II

The World Bank-led Global Wildlife Program is adding 13 more projects and 10 additional countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America going towards curbing illegal wildlife trade and promoting wildlife-based economies.

video Feb 27, 2019

Niassa Elephant Defenders

Poachers have decimated the elephant population in Mozambique’s Niassa National Reserve, but Niassa’s rangers are determined to save them from extinction. Rangers reveal what it takes to protect them.

feature story Mar 07, 2019

Women in Nature Conservation: A Win-WINN

GWP Program Manager Claudia Sobrevila and the IFC’s Leeanne Alonso helped kick-start this network so women working on conservation projects can share their ideas and learn from others doing the same work.

blog Feb 26, 2019

Community-Based Forestry in Malawi Will Soon Bear Fruit

Through community-based enterprises, the World Bank is helping Malawi to improve livelihoods of local communities, manage forests, and help reduce human-wildlife conflict.

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The Global Environment Facility (GEF)

The Global Wildlife Program is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and led by the World Bank. Partners include governments of 29 countries in Africa and Asia along with UNDP, ADB and UN Environment.