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Dec 08, 2023

Women as Catalysts for Change: Gender in evidence-based conservation

The Global Wildlife Program recognizes that efforts toward achieving gender equality are critical to conservation success. Applying a gender lens to Global Wildlife Program (GWP) projects is a win-win: it adds value to counter illegal wildlife trade (IWT) and biodiversity conservation projects while advancing gender equality. Bringing women and other diverse actors into GWP projects as participants, decision makers and agents of change is a GWP priority.

Sep 27, 2023

Behavior Change for Wildlife Conservation

Check out our new e-library for all up-to-date resources related to theories, frameworks, case studies and practices applicable to change behavior for wildlife conservation.

Nov 09, 2023

Human-Wildlife Conflict: Global Policy and Perception Insights

Human-wildlife conflict is one of the most pressing issues facing biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Human-wildlife conflict is when encounters between humans and wildlife lead to negative impacts, such as wildlife raiding crops, attacking livestock, injuring people, or damaging property, often leading to the loss of livelihoods and exacerbation of poverty.

Guidance Note Jul 24, 2023

Lessons Learned in Connectivity Conservation

The guidance note illustrates the challenges, experiences and lessons learned across GWP and ASL projects on ecological corridors and connectivity. Sub-themes include spatial connectivity planning, governance, management and monitoring plans and public participation in connectivity.

Feb 08, 2023

In wildlife conservation, gender equality brings win-win returns

This blog discusses how gender is being mainstreamed in GWP projects in Tanzania, Panama and Indonesia as well as tips for projects to integrate gender components into conservation activities.

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