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Debt Statistics

About Debt Statistics

The Debt Data Team manages and maintains the World Bank’s Debt Reporting System (DRS). We work with governments, development partners and creditors to collect, compile, and publish reliable and comprehensive debt data for all World Bank borrowers and enhance data coverage, quality, timeliness, and transparency. The Debt Data Team is housed in the Development Economics and Debt Statistics unit of the World Bank’s Development Data Group.

The debt data collected by the World Bank is central to its own operations and, additionally, is recognized as a global public good. The World Bank launched the first publication of debt statistics, - World Debt Tables – the forerunner of International Debt Report - in 1973. Over the ensuing four decades, the analytical content of the publication and data coverage have been significantly expanded, to provide more detailed data. These data respond to both current international lending patterns and instruments and related analytical needs. Coherent and comprehensive debt data are the cornerstone of good development outcomes to ensure policy makers in borrowing countries assess their countries debts, debt to invite new investment, and help safeguard long-term sustainability.

Evis Rucaj

Program Manager

Rubena Sukaj

Senior Economist

Rasiel Vellos

Senior Economist

Debt Statistics

IDS: International Debt Statistics

The World Bank's comprehensive database of annual stocks and flows of external debt. It includes aggregates and country-specific information on trends in external debt in low- and middle-income countries.

DSSI: Debt Service Suspension Initiative

Annual external debt stocks and flows data as reported by the borrowers for 68 out of the 73 eligible countries to the 2020 DSSI. This database also includes monthly projected debt service data.

QEDS: Quarterly External Debt Statistics

Provides quarterly external debt position broken down by sector, maturity, instruments, and currency.

QPSD: Quarterly Public Sector Debt

Brings together detailed public sector debt data of selected developing and high-income countries.

JEDH: Joint External Debt Hub

The JEDH is jointly developed by the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the World Bank and brings together external debt data and selected foreign assets.

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