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Breaking the Impasse in Global Debt Restructuring

Debt Conference, April 2023

This World Bank debt conference brought together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to reflect on the latest developments in sovereign debt markets and discuss possible solutions to the developing country sovereign debt crisis.

Screenshot of the video from the Overcoming Debt Event at the 2023 Spring Meetings

Overcoming Debt, Generating Growth

Spring Meetings, April 2023

A panel event covering issues ranging from the urgency of debt transparency to the reforms that would equip countries to manage debt more effectively, freeing resources for investment in key areas.

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Making Debt Work: Financing for Sustainable Growth

Spring Meetings, April 2022

(please note that prior registration to the Spring Meetings is needed to view this page and video)

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Raising the Bar on Debt Data Transparency

Let's Talk Data, April 2022

This event brought together a panel of experts from borrower and creditor countries, academia, and the World Bank to discuss efforts and concrete actions to support debt data transparency.

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Is Debt Good or Bad?

Econothon, July 2019

World Bank experts explain how we gather data about countries' debt levels and why that matters for development.

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