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Debt Statistics


International Debt Report 2022

This year the IDS annual publication has been rebranded as International Debt Report (IDR) 2022 to reflect new and substantive analytical analysis on debt issues, and the expansion in the granularity and coverage of the data.


Debt-Service Payments Put Biggest Squeeze on Poor Countries Since 2000

The press release for the International Debt Report (IDR) 2022, which highlights rising debt-related risks for all developing economies.

Press Briefing

IDR 2022 Key Messages

Key messages from the IDR 2022 press briefing, which highlight that a debt crisis is intensifying and a global recession risk is rising.


Updated International Debt Statistics data

The International Debt Statistics (IDS) database and data tables are updated with 2021 data for low- and middle-income countries.


Raising the bar on debt data transparency

Debt transparency is critical for attaining sustainable financing and achieving macro-financial stability. It facilitates new, high-quality investment, reduces corruption, and brings accountability.


The supply solution to stagflation

Policymakers must mitigate the other threats to development around the world: soaring food and energy prices, persistent stagflationary pressure, increasingly perilous debt overhangs, growing inequality and instability, and the myriad risks stemming from climate change.

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Economist, Development Data Group

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Economist, Development Data Group

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