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Coalitions for Reforms Global Program

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Global Partnership on Coalitions for Reforms

The Coalitions for Reforms (C4R) Global Partnership is an initiative of the World Bank's Governance Global Practice. Launched in 2023, it offers a platform for networking, collaboration, exchange of knowledge, and the possibility of joint initiatives with like-minded stakeholders. 

The C4R Partnership welcomes new partners who share our vision, understand the importance of collective action in helping advance development reforms, and are eager to advance this agenda. There are several paths for engagement: 



  • Join forces with C4R to develop global knowledge products such as empirical and theoretical research to strengthen the evidence base on the impact of collective action approaches in development. 
  • Join the organization of convening events, including global forums and roundtables.



  • Be part of a diverse network comprising international organizations, governments, civil society, media, the private sector, NGOs/foundations, academia and think tanks.
  • Cooperate to support the deployment and uptake of the approach. Support dynamic, action-learning programs for the capacity development of change agents and to institutionalize the approach. 


  • Be a "champion" of our work, knowledge, and convening events within your network.  


  • Contribute towards C4R’s knowledge production, operational engagements, and convening activities through the WBG’s Governance and Institutions Umbrella Trust Fund
  • Joining C4R does not prevent individual organizations from receiving funding from, or engaging in contracts with, the WBG.