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Open Learning Campus (OLC) Courses

  • ArcGIS OLC course banner image
    ArcGIS Desktop Fundamentals (Archived Face-to-Face learning)

    This course introduces users to ArcGIS Desktop, a geographic information system (GIS) that is used for creating geospatial maps and other graphics, compiling geographic data, and analyzing geospatial information. 

  • World Development Report 2021 (WDR2021) cover image
    Data for Better Lives: A New Social Contract

    With this course, explore the 2021 World Development Report (WDR) and how data can be used for advancing development outcomes. Learn about the principles of a new social contract for data and data governance needed to transform lives for the poor.

  • 3first-slide-for-website-computer-screen-780x439.jpg
    Food Prices for Nutrition: Cost and Affordability of a Healthy Diet and other Indicators

    This Food Prices for Nutrition self-paced eLearning course trains users on the construction of diet cost and affordability indicators which focus on access to a healthy diet and other dietary standards.

  • Fundamentals of PPPs OLC course banner image
    Fundamentals of Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs)

    Upon completing the course, the participants will be able to comprehend the key PPP concepts and data requirements; understand the ICP program; connect PPPs with their uses and applications; and grasp basics of PPP calculation methods and processes.

  • Putting Innovative Data to Work in Crisis Contexts
    Global Data Facility Video Series: Putting Innovative Data to Work in Crisis Contexts

    Watch this online course to gain practical knowledge based on the World Bank’s experience in using geospatial and other ICT tools to collect a broad range of data, which is crucial for reaching development impacts in FCV contexts.

  • The World Bank
    Remote Training on Phone Surveys

    This training covers each stage of the phone survey life cycle, including questionnaire design, sampling design, use of Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing, and remote data quality monitoring.

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