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Development Data Group

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The Development Data Group at a Glance

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Data powers development. By unlocking the full value of data for development, the Development Data Group helps achieve the World Bank's mission to create a world free from poverty on a livable planet.

Through leading data public goods, cutting-edge innovations and research, pioneering partnerships, and globally trusted technical expertise, we lead efforts to ensure development data is of high quality, accessible, and widely used across the world.

To improve lives and safeguard the planet, we are dedicated to realizing the World Development Report 2021: Data for Better Lives’ new global vision on data.


  • Haishan Fu
    Haishan Fu

    World Bank Chief Statistician and Director of Development Data Group


What's New

  • Surveyor in Cambodia
    We focus on both the fundamentals of development data...
  • Satellite data use
    ...and its frontier: innovative data sources and technologies.
  • The Global Data Facility helps countries put Mobile Phone Big Data to use for development.
    We use, share, and integrate data from various sources...
  • Smart agriculture with drone data improve lives and livelihoods, and safeguard the planet.
  • Food prices data
    We address development challenges with evidence...
  • Data use and literacy seminar
    ...and work to enable data-driven decision-making globally.
  • International debt data and International Comparison Program
    We use data to power development.


  • The Open Data Portal makes all the World Bank's open data resources easy to find, download, and use.
    Data Portal

    Open Data Site

    The World Bank’s single catalog listing of all open data resources, including more than 4,000 datasets and 20,000 indicators, encompassing microdata, time series statistics, and geospatial data.

  • Data Blog logo

    Data Blog

    The Data Blog creates an online dialogue for development issues, recent trends, and data on topics ranging from satellite measurements, and survey analysis to fertility rates, migration, and energy.

  • Data Catalog logo
    Data Portal

    Data Catalog

    The Data Catalog is the World Bank’s official one-stop shop for the latest development data. Making high-impact data easy to access and use helps us deliver better results and improve life for the poorest.

  • DDP logo

    Development Data Partnership

    A partnership between international organizations and companies, created to facilitate the use of third-party data in research and international development.

  • Blue globe with data image with Global Data Facility logo
    Umbrella Trust Fund

    Global Data Facility

    The World Bank-hosted Global Data Facility, which forms part of a new data financing architecture, is an innovative global funding instrument for the world's most critical data impact opportunities.

  • ICP logo
    Statistical Initiative

    International Comparison Program

    A worldwide statistical initiative to collect comparative price data and detailed GDP expenditures to produce purchasing power parities for the world's economies.

  • The World Bank
    Household Survey Program

    Living Standards Measurement Study

    The Living Standards Measurement Study (LSMS) is the World Bank's flagship household survey program focused on strengthening household survey systems.

  • Microdata Library logo
    Data Portal

    Microdata Library

    The Microdata Library shares data collected by the World Bank and other international, regional and national organizations through sample surveys of households, business establishments, or other facilities.

  • Statistical Performance Indicators logo
    Data Portal

    Statistical Performance Indicators

    The Statistical Performance Indicators (SPI) provide an open-source framework for assessing the performance of statistical systems and the efforts to improve them.