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Office of the Chief Economist, Africa Region

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The Office of the Chief Economist in the Africa Region provides guidance on strategic priorities and generates timely, relevant knowledge on policy and institutional reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa.

It produces research articles and reports on pressing development issues, disseminates knowledge widely, provides inputs that enrich the World Bank’s work in African countries, and fosters a strong community of economists within the World Bank and on the continent to advance the region’s development. Learn more...


Latest Events and Announcements

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    Using data from the largest online job portal in Nigeria, the speaker will discuss the (a) gender differences in salary offers for jobs, and (b) the response of (a) to recessions. Jobs in industries where the number of job applicants skews female offer lower starting salaries than jobs in industries where applicants skew male. During Nigeria’s 2016 recession, overall job applications rose, but applications to jobs in industries that skew male increased more than applications to jobs in industries that skew female. Salary offers fell sharply for jobs in male-skewed industries compared to female-skewed industries. In accordance with this relative shift in applications, in 2016, the salary-offer gender gap almost disappeared.

Meet The Chief Economist

  • andrew dabalen

    Andrew Dabalen

    The Chief Economist is responsible for providing guidance on strategic priorities and the technical quality of economic analysis in the region, as well as for developing major regional economic studies, among other roles.
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