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Office of the Chief Economist, Africa Region

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The Think Africa Partnership (TAP) is a multi-donor trust fund that supports economic transformation and growth across Africa by promoting better uptake of policy-relevant knowledge and data.

TAP bridges the supply and demand sides of knowledge for policy making. It does this through peer-learning platforms and works across three constituents: African young professionals, scholars and universities; domestic and regional think tanks; and a network of Chief Economic Advisors to heads of the executive (Presidents & Prime Ministers) across Sub-Saharan Africa. TAP is an African-centered initiative aimed to better equip African scholars, institutions, and chief economic advisors with the tools, knowledge, and networks to better address local development challenges with homegrown solutions. By nurturing exceptional African talent, strengthening debate and deliberation inside and outside of government, TAP builds a pipeline of reformers among African development professionals and economists, and supports today’s and tomorrow’s economic policy makers in Africa.




Established in 2018, the CEoG is a network of chief economic advisors to Presidents and Prime Ministers across Sub-Saharan Africa. The network is the first and only initiative in Africa bringing together economic advisors to strengthen their skills, knowledge, and capabilities to collect and analyze relevant data for improved, cutting-edge and impactful economic advice.

Economic advisors and units play a critical role in economic planning and providing policy options to heads of government. Their expertise and advice can determine the most important policy decisions, and therefore improve the economic lives of citizens. To support this role, the CEoG Network has become an indispensable peer-learning platform for chief economic advisors coming from over 40 Sub-Saharan African countries. The Network facilitates exchanges and provides on-demand support to individual economic advisory units. Through this platform and the knowledge offered, CEoG promotes the transformative development of African economies, improving decision-making and strategic, long-term thinking.

CEoG also facilitates knowledge-sharing among government chief economic advisors, including the sharing of successful policy choices and development models. This is further supported by allowing cross-border cooperation and coordination among chief economic advisors and their units. At the heart of this initiative is the importance of a strong, concerted and legitimate economic policy making in Africa. In fact, the network serves as a central pillar between the Think Africa Partnership (TAP) and its mission to connect knowledge to policymakers across the African continent. CEoG plays a multifaceted role by offering a platform for mutual support and knowledge exchange among its members, facilitating policy benchmarking activities, and extending crucial assistance to economic policy units within central government bodies.