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Office of the Chief Economist, Africa Region

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Recent working papers and journal articles


Hotter Planet, Hotter Factories: Uneven Impacts of Climate Change on Productivity ( Kassa,Woubet Woldemichael,Andinet, Policy Research Working Paper No. 10762. World Bank. 2024)

Food insecurity erodes trust (Michael D. Smith, Woubet Kassa, Dennis Wesselbaum | Global Food Security, Volume 40. World Bank.  2024)

Empowering Adolescent Girls through Safe Spaces and Accompanying Measures in Côte d’Ivoire (Boulhane, Othmane; Boxho, Claire; Kanga, Désiré; Koussoube, Estelle; Rouanet, Léa. Policy Research Working Paper #10721. 2024)

Infrastructure Quality and FDI Inflows : Evidence from the Arrival of High-Speed Internet in Africa (Mensah; Traore. World Bank Economic Review. 2024)

Sharing responsibility through joint decision-making and implications for intimate-partner violence: evidence from 12 Sub-Saharan African Countries (Donald; Doss; Goldstein; Gupta. Review of Economics of the Household. 2024)


Land Institutions to Address New Challenges in Africa: Implications for the World Bank’s Land Policy (Klaus Deininger, Aparajita Goyal. Policy Research Working Paper No. 10389. World Bank. 2023)

Does financial inclusion empower women in Africa? (Admasu A. Maruta, Habtamu T. Edjigu, Woubet Kassa. Journal Article | Economic Notes Volume 52. 2023)

Energy Demand during a Pandemic: Evidence from Ghana and Rwanda (Mensah; Nsabimana; Dzansi; Nshunguyinka. Policy Research Working Paper | No. 10330, World Bank. 2023)

Public governance versus corporate governance: Evidence from oil drilling in forests (Cust; Harding; Krings; Rivera-Ballesteros. Journal of Development Economics Volume 163.  June 2023)

Uncertainty in Preferential Trade Agreements: Impact of AGOA Suspensions on Exports (Edjigu; Hakobyan; Kassa. Policy Research Working Paper | No. 10424. World Bank 2023)

How should the government bring small firms into the formal system? Experimental evidence from Malawi (Campos; Goldstein; McKenzie. Journal of Development Economics 2023)

He said, she said: The impact of gender and marriage perceptions on self and proxy reporting of labor (Dervisevic; Goldstein. Journal of Development Economics 2023)

Prevention, Cessation, or harm reduction: Heterogeneous effects of an intimate partner violence prevention program in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (Gurbuz Cuneo; Vaillant; Koussoubé; Pierotti; Falb; Kabeya. PLOS ONE 2023)

Locking crops to unlock investment: Experimental evidence on warrantage in Burkina Faso (Delavallade; Godlonton. Journal of Development Economics. 2023)

The Effects of Working While in School: Evidence from Employment Lotteries (Le Barbanchon; Ubfal; Araya. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. 2023)

Impact of small farmers' access to improved seeds and deforestation in DR Congo (Bernard;Lambert;Vinez & Vinez. Nature Communications. 2023)

Occupational sex segregation in agriculture: Evidence on gender norms and socio-emotional skills in Nigeria (Das; Delavallade; Fashogbon; Ogunleye; Papineni. Agricultural Economics. 2023)

Method Matters: The Underreporting of Intimate Partner Violence (Cullen. The World Bank Economic Review. 2023)


Mining and linkages for economic transformation: Revealing multi stakeholder perspectives through Q-methodology (Weldegiorgis; Dietsche; Franks; Cust; Ahmad. The Extractive Industries and Society Volume 12. 2022)

The Dog that Didn’t Bark: The Missed Opportunity of Africa’s Resource Boom (Cust; Ballesteros; Zeufack. Policy Research Working Paper | No. 10120. World Bank. 2022)

Resource-Backed Loans in Sub-Saharan Africa (Mihaly; Hwang; Rivetti; Cust. Policy Research Working Paper | No. 9923. World Bank 2022)

Dutch Disease and the Public Sector: How Natural Resources Can Undermine Competitiveness in Africa (Cust; Devarajan; Mandon. Journal of African Economies, Vol. 31.  World Bank. 2022)

Job Search and Hiring with Limited Information about Workseekers' Skills (Carranza; Garlick; Orkin; Rankin. American Economic Review. 2022)

Business Training and Mentoring: Experimental Evidence from Women-Owned Microenterprises in Ethiopia (Bakhtiar; Bastian; Goldstein. University of Chicago Press Journals. 2022)

Father of the bride, or steel magnolias? Targeting men, women or both to reduce child marriage (Cassidy; Dam; Janssens; Kiani; Morsink. Working Paper No. 202250. Institute of Fiscal Studies. 2022)

The Effects of Childcare on Women and Children: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Burkina Faso (Ajayi; Dao; Koussoubé. Policy Research Working Paper, No. 10239. World Bank. 2022)

Legacies of Conflict : Experiences, Self-efficacy and the Formation of Conditional Trust (Buehren; Goldstein; Rasul; Smurra. Policy Research Working Paper, No. 10238. World Bank. 2022)

Evening the Credit Score ? Impact of Psychometric Loan Appraisal for Women Entrepreneurs (Alibhai; Cassidy; Goldstein; Papineni. Policy Research Working Paper No. 10230. World Bank 2022)

Gender Differences in Socio-Emotional Skills and Economic Outcomes : New Evidence from 17 African Countries (Ajayi; Das; Delavallade; Ketema; Rouanet. Policy Research Working Paper No. 10197. World Bank. 2022)

The Social Tax: Redistributive Pressure and Labor Supply (Carranza; Donald; Grosset; Kaur. Policy Research Working Paper, No. 10155. World Bank. 2022)

The Leadership Gender Gap in Banking: Insights from Ethiopia (Weis; Johannes; Rawlins; Rolston; Tumtu; Coleman.  Working Paper, EFI Insight. World Bank. 2022)


Trade Creation and Trade Diversion in African RECs: Drawing Lessons for AfCFTA (Policy Research Working Paper | No. 9761. World Bank 2021)

Mobile Access Expansion and Price Information Diffusion (Abreha; Choi; Kassa; Hyun Ju; Kugler. Policy Research Working Paper No. 9752. World Bank. 2021)

Teacher Professional Development around the World: The Gap between Evidence and Practice (Popova; Evans; Breeding; Arancibia. World Bank Research Observer. 2021)

The Impact of Early Childhood Interventions on Mothers (Evans; Jakiela; Knauerau. Science. 2021)

What We Learn about Girls’ Education from Interventions that Do Not Focus on Girls (Evans; Yuan. World Economic Review. 2021)

Gender Gaps in Education: The Long View (Evans; Akmal; Jakiela. Journal of Development and Migration. 2021)

Education in Africa: What Are We Learning? (Evans; Acosta. Journal of African Economies. 2021)


Assessing COVID-19's Economic Impact in Sub-Saharan Africa: Insights from a CGE Model (Zebaze Djiofack ; Dudu; Zeufack. Center for Economic and Policy Research. 2020)

Trade Integration, Export Patterns, and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa (César Calderón Catalina Cantú Albert G. Zeufack. Policy Research Working Paper No. 9132. World Bank. 2020)

Assessing the Returns on Investment in Data Openness and Transparency (Kubota, Megumi; Zeufack, Albert G., Policy Research Working Paper No. 9139. World Bank. 2020)

Borrow with Sorrow? The Changing Risk Profile of Sub-Saharan Africa's Debt (Calderon, Cesar; Zeufack, Albert G., Policy Research Working Paper No. 9137. World Bank. 2020)

Coping with the Crisis and Export Diversification (Kaleb Girma Abreha, Valérie Smeets, Frédéric Warzynski. The World Economy. 2020)

Trade Creation and Trade Diversion in African RECs: Drawing Lessons for AfCFTA (Woubet Kassa Pegdéwendé , Nestor Sawadogo. Policy Research Working Paper No. 9761. World Bank. 2020)

Technology in the Classroom and Learning in Secondary Schools (Blimpo;Moussa Pouguinimpo;Gajigo,Ousman; Owusu,Solomon; Tomita,Ryoko; Xu,Yanbin. Policy Research Working Paper No. 9288. World Bank. 2020)

Gender Norms and Women's Participation in Radicalization in Northern Nigeria (Zainab Usman; Sherine El Taraboulsi-Mccarthy; Khadija Gambo Hawaja. Cambridge University Press. 2020)

Analysis of clinical knowledge, absenteeism, and availability of resources for maternal and child health: A cross-sectional quality of care study in 10 African countries (Evans, Di Giorgio, Lindelow, Nguyen, Svensson, Wane, and Welander Tärneberg. Policy Research Working Paper No. 9440. World Bank. 2020)

Lifting bans on pregnant girls in school (David K Evans, Amina Mendez Acosta. The Lancet. 2020)

Practical Lessons for Phone-Based Assessments of Learning (Noam Angrist, Peter Bergman, David K Evans, Susannah Hares, Matthew C H Jukes, Thato Letsomo. BMJ Global Health. 2020)

Gender Differences in Agricultural Productivity in Cote d'Ivoire : Changes in Determinants and Distributional Composition over the Past Decade (Aletheia Donald Gabriel Lawin Léa Rouanet. Policy Research Working Paper No. 9113. World Bank. 2020)

Women’s Empowerment in Action: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial in Africa (Bandiera, Oriana, Niklas Buehren, Robin Burgess, Markus Goldstein, Selim Gulesci, Imran Rasul, and Munshi Sulaiman.  American Economic Association. 2020)


Assortative matching in Africa: Evidence from rural Mozambique, Côte d’Ivoire, and Malawi (Boxho, Claire; Donald, Aletheia; Goldstein, Markus; Montalvao, Joao; Rouanet, Lea; Rouanet, Léa. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8943. World Bank. 2019)

Institutions and the Location of Oil Exploration (Cust; Harding. Journal of the European Economic Association. 2019)

Just a bit of cushion: The Role of a Simple Savings Device in Meeting Planned and Unplanned Expenses in Rural Niger (Jenny C. Aker, Melita Sawyer, Markus Goldstein, Michael O'Sullivan, Margaret McConnell . World Development. 2019)

The Successes and Failures of Economic Reform in Nigeria’s Post-Military Political Settlement (Zainab Usman. African Affairs. 2019)

Governance and Women's Economic and Political Participation: Power Inequalities, Formal Constraints and Norms (Annamaria Milazzo, Markus Goldstein. The World Bank Research Observer. 2019)

Manufacturing in Structural Change in Africa (Nguimkeu, Pierre; Zeufack, Albert G.. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8992. World Bank. 2019)

Ride the Wild Surf: An Investigation of the Drivers of Surges in Capital Inflows (César Calderón, Megumi Kubota. Journal of International Money and Finance. 2019)

Drivers of Gross Capital Inflows: Which Factors Are More Important for Sub-Saharan Africa? (Calderon, Cesar; Chuhan-Pole, Punam; Kubota, Megumi. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8777. World Bank. 2019)

Improving Access and Quality in Early Childhood Development Programs : Experimental Evidence from The Gambia (Carneiro, Pedro; Blimpo, Moussa P.; Jervis, Pamela; Pugatch, Todd. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8737. World Bank. 2019)

Financial Constraints and Girls’ Secondary Education: Evidence from School Fee Elimination in The Gambia (Moussa P Blimpo, Ousman Gajigo, Todd Pugatch . The World Bank Economic Review. 2019)

Measuring Women’s Agency (Donald, Aletheia; Koolwal, Gayatri; Annan, Jeannie; Falb, Kathryn; Goldstein, Markus. Feminist Economics. 2020)

Taking Power: Women's Empowerment and Household Well-Being in Sub-Saharan Africa (Jeannie Annan, Aletheia Donald, Markus Goldstein, Paula Gonzalez Martinez, Gayatri Koolwal. Policy Research Working Paper No. 9034. World Bank. 2019)

The Economic Lives of Young Women in the Time of Ebola: Lessons from an Empowerment Program (Bandiera, Oriana; Buehren, Niklas; Goldstein, Markus; Rasul, Imran; Smurra, Andrea. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 8760. World Bank. 2019)

Ethiopia Gender Diagnostic Report: Priorities for Promoting Equity (World Bank. 2019)

Cash Transfers and Health: Evidence from Tanzania (Holtemeyer, Brian; Evans, David K.; Kosec, Katrina. The World Bank Economic Review. 2019)


Why are Connection Charges so High ? An Analysis of the Electricity Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa (Blimpo; McRae; Steinbuks. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8407. World Bank. 2018)

Electricity Provision and Tax Mobilization in Africa (Blimpo; Mensah; Opalo; Shi. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8408. World Bank. 2018)

The “Resource Curse” and the Constraints on Reforming Nigeria’s Oil Sector (Usman. Oxford Handbook of Nigerian Politics. 2018)

Infrastructure Development in Sub-Saharan Africa : A Scorecard (Calderón; Cantú; Chuhan-Pole. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8425. World Bank. 2018)

How Should the Government Bring Small Firms into the Formal System ? Experimental Evidence from Malawi (Campos, Francisco; Goldstein, Markus; McKenzie, David. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8601. World Bank. 2018)

Selection, Firm turnover, and Productivity Growth: Do Emerging Cities Speed Up the Process? (Jones, Patricia; Mengistae, Taye; Zeufack, Albert. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8291. World Bank. 2018)

Competing Priorities: Women's Microenterprises and Household Relationships (Friedson-Ridenour, Sophia; Pierotti, Rachael S.. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8550. 2018)

Salary Delays and Overdrafts in Rural Ghana (Niklas Buehren, Virginia Ceretti, Ervin Dervisevic, Markus Goldstein, Leora Klapper, Tricia Koroknay-Palicz, Simone Schaner. American Economic Association. 2018)

The Limits of Commitment: Who Benefits from Illiquid Savings Products? (Buehren, Niklas; Goldstein, Markus; Klapper, Leora; Koroknay-Palicz, Tricia; Schaner, Simone.  Policy Research Working Paper No.8633. World Bank. 2018)

Assessing the Asia-Africa GVC Linkages (Tang, Heiwai ; Zeng, Douglas Zhihua ; Zeufack, Albert G. Kiel Institute for the World Economy. 2018)

Does Higher Openness Cause More Real Exchange Rate Volatility? (César Calderón, Megumi Kubota. Journal of International Economics. 2018)

Financial Development, Exchange Rate Regimes, and Growth Dynamics (Kassa, Woubet; Lartey, Emmanuel K.K..  Policy Research Working Paper No. 8562. World Bank. 2018)

The Effect of Remittances on the Current Account in Developing and Emerging Economies (Lartey, Emmanuel K.K.. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8498. World Bank. 2018)

Is Personal Initiative Training a Substitute or Complement to the Existing Human Capital of Women? Results from a Randomized Trial in Togo. (Francisco Campos, Michael Frese, Markus Goldstein, Leonardo Iacovone, Hillary C. Johnson, David McKenzie, Mona Mensmann. American Economic Association. 2018)

Teacher Professional Development around the World: The Gap between Evidence and Practice (Popova, Anna; Evans, David K.; Breeding, Mary E.; Arancibia, Violeta; Breeding, Mary E.. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8572. World Bank. 2018)

School Costs, Short-run Participation, and Long-run Outcomes: Evidence from Kenya (Ngatia, Mũthoni; Evans, David K.. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8421. 2018)

Bias in Patient Satisfaction Surveys: A Threat to Measuring Healthcare Quality (Felipe Dunsch, David K Evans, Mario Macis, Qiao Wang. BMJ Global Health. 2018)

Cash Transfers Increase Trust in Local Government (Holtemeyer, Brian; Evans, David K.; Kosec, Katrina. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8333. World Bank. 2018)

What is the Role of Men in Connecting Women to Cash Crop Markets? Evidence from Uganda (Ambler, Kate and Jones, Kelly and O'Sullivan, Michael. IFPRI Discussion Paper 1762. 2018)

Infrastructure Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Scorecard (Calderon, Cesar; Cantu, Catalina; Chuhan-Pole, Punam. 2018. Infrastructure Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Scorecard. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8425. World Bank. 2018)

Assessing Fiscal Space in Sub-Saharan Africa (Calderon, Cesar; Chuhan-Pole, Punam; Some, Yirbehogre Modeste. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8390. World Bank. 2018)


Soft skills for hard constraints: evidence from high-achieving female farmers (Montalvao, Joao; Frese, Michael; Goldstein, Markus; Kilic, Talip Policy Research Working Paper No. 8095. World Bank. 2017)

Gender and Property Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Review of Constraints and Effective Interventions (O'Sullivan, Michael. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8250. World Bank. 2017)

Evidence for a Pre-source Curse? Oil Discoveries, Elevated Expectations, and Growth Disappointments (Cust,James Frederick; Mihalyi,David. Policy Research Working Paper No. 8140. World Bank. 2017)

The Role of Governance and International Norms in Managing Natural Resources (Cust J. UNU-WIDER. 2017)




Disclaimer: The findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in these papers are entirely those of the authors. They do not necessarily represent the views of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/World Bank and its affiliated organizations, or those of the Executive Directors of the World Bank or the governments they represent