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SPF Supported Publications

SPF Annual Report World Bank

SPF Annual Report 2022

Our latest SPF Annual report is now available.  See how our grants are helping build resilience and institutional capacity needed for longer-term stability and prosperity at the country, regional and global level.

Defueling Conflict

Defueling Conflict

An SPF-sponsored report discusses the importance of investing in climate change resilience and environment in FCV-affected situations. 

Integrating the Environment

Integrating Gender into Environment Projects in Fragile and Conflict Settings

There is growing recognition that natural resource exploitation and environmental pressures can fuel violent conflict. Situations of conflict and environmental stress also have major gender implications. 


The Economies of Winning Hearts and Minds

A SPF-supported study analyses the economic underpinnings of a future recovery in Eastern Ukraine and recommends scaling up efforts in the government-controlled areas of Donbas despite the subdued productivity.




Lebanon Response, Recovery and Reconstruction Framework (2020)

The SPF  responded with agility to the Beirut blast of August 4, 2020.  To address the urgent need of the population affected by the blast, the SPF supported the Lebanon Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Framework,  which provides a roadmap to operationalize the findings of the Rapid Damage Needs Assessment. 

3R Framework I  Framework Summary 


Report on Gender-Based Violence and Violence Against Children: Prevention and Response Services in Uganda’s Refugee-Hosting Districts (2020)

The SPF supported a critical assessment which identifies the common causes of violence against women and children in 11 of Uganda’s 12 refugee hosting districts, and provides recommendations on strengthening response, prevention and protection against Gender-Based Violence and Violence Against Children.

Report  I Feature Story


Violence Against Children: Prevention and Response (2020)

Uganda Development Response to Displacement Impacts Project

The SPF funded the preparation and publication of a practical guide on how to effectively identify, assess, and manage the risk of violence against children, in context of a development response to forced displacement in Uganda.

Prevention and Response Guide


Beirut Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment (2020)

Post the August 4 explosion in Beirut, the SPF responded with agility to support the Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment that recommends an effective framework for Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction for building back a better Lebanon. 

Full Report I Summary I FactSheet


Strengthening Youth Resilience to Radicalization: Evidence from Tajikistan (2020)

The SPF supported a detailed analysis of what drives young people in Central Asia to become radicalized and vulnerable to recruitment by violent extremist groups, and what can be done to help prevent this? 

Full Report I Summary 


Gender-Based Violence: An Analysis of the Implications for the Nigeria for Women Project (2019)

The SPF supported risk assessment and analysis of gender-based violence (GBV) and linkages between women economic empowerment and GBV risk reduction. The report also listed targeted recommendations to mitigate risks in project design and implementation. Risk Assessment and Analysis Blog



The Mobility of Displaced Syrians: An Economic and Social Analysis (2019)

This report, supported by SPF, identifies key factors weighing on Syrian refugees contemplating a return home, and analyzes how changing conditions in Syria might affect their decisions.

Full Report I  Summary


Understanding and Addressing Gender-based Violence (2018)

Kenya Development Response to Displacement Impacts Project

The SPF grant supported the publication of this tool for facilitators, government and non-government actors, for understanding and addressing gender-based violence in Kenya.

Report I Blog


Informing the Refugee Policy Response in Uganda (2018)

The SPF grant funded the analysis of living conditions, wellbeing, and socioeconomic profile of refugees and host communities in Uganda, in order to inform better policy response.




Toll of War (2017)

The SPF-supported the assessment of the economic and social consequences of the Syrian conflict as of early 2017.