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The State and Peacebuilding Fund (SPF) enhances and expands the frontiers of World Bank engagement in helping countries address the drivers and impacts of fragility, conflict, and violence (FCV) and strengthening the resilience of countries and affected populations, communities and institutions. SPF is an important component of the World Bank’s response to FCV and supports progress toward the World Bank’s mission of eradicating extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity in a sustainable way, and toward the Sustainable Development Goals. 

SPF Value Proposition

  • Leading global umbrella trust fund supporting implementation of the World Bank’s Fragility, Conflict and Violence (FCV) Strategy.  
  • Mandate to innovate and push the frontiers of the World Bank’s engagement in FCV situations through catalytic and innovative activities with potential to be scaled up over time.  
  • Agile, fast-acting, and demand-driven funding mechanism that supports the World Bank’s focus on greater flexibility and speed when responding to FCV situations.  
  • Platform for broad range of stakeholders to work effectively in partnership to gain and disseminate results, knowledge and lessons learned to inform future programs and strengthen institutional capacities. 

SPF prioritizes innovative work at the frontiers of the World Bank’s engagement in FCV contexts in order to more effectively address the drivers and impacts of FCV.  

Examples of Frontier and Emerging Areas

SPF supports four strategic areas of focus that are fully aligned with the WBG FCV Strategy pillars of engagement, as well as two cross-cutting priorities.


Strategic Areas of Focus

A blue circle with a white hand in itDescription automatically generatedPreventing Violent Conflict and Interpersonal Violence – Supports analyzing and monitoring risks related to violence and conflict; identifying approaches to mitigate FCV drivers and vulnerabilities; strengthening sources of resilience; and assessing gender-specific causes and manifestations of violence and the role of women in risk prevention and mitigation.
A white outline of a hard hat on a blue circleDescription automatically generatedRemaining Engaged During Conflict and Crisis Situations – Supports preserving human and institutional capacities, strengthening resilience, and establishing foundations for recovery and reconstruction, as well as responding to emergency situations, in line with the World Bank’s capacity to provide rapid and flexible support. 
A blue circle with white outline of a columnDescription automatically generatedHelping Countries Transition out of Fragility – Contributes to sustainable recovery from crisis and conflict and promotes conflict-sensitive development solutions. SPF supports interventions addressing immediate post-conflict transition priorities and identifying long-term development pathways to address the root causes of FCV. 
A blue circle with white outline of people and a black backgroundDescription automatically generatedMitigating the Spillovers of FCV – Supports addressing regional and transboundary shocks and stresses, to prevent and mitigate the spillovers of FCV, and to support countries and vulnerable and marginalized communities impacted by cross-border crises including forced displacement, famines, pandemics and climate challenges.


Cross-cutting Priorities

A blue circle with hands and a heartDescription automatically generatedFocus on Inclusion – Ensures that the needs of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable populations are prioritized, paying special attention to forcibly displaced populations and host communities.
A blue circle with white symbols on itDescription automatically generatedAddress the gender-specific drivers and impacts of FCV – Ensures that interventions integrate gender-responsive approaches.