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SPF in Action: Active Grants


Digital Innovations for Community and Local Development in West Africa ($400,000) pilots a digital community and local development (CLD) platform in FCV-affected regions of West Africa. Activities focus on strengthening government capacity in monitoring and supervision of CLD projects, empowering community facilitators to ensure inclusive participation, and enhancing the visibility of and coordination for community identified investments.   

Resilience and FCV ($400,000) aims to fill knowledge gaps on resilience in FCV contexts and develop a more systematic approach for supporting resilience in World Bank diagnostics and operations. This will be done by exploring themes and key questions related to various aspects of resilience including a more structural conceptualization of the term itself and the implications for how the World Bank approaches the identification of resilience in diagnostics, and recommendations for informing its operationalization.  

Supporting Crisis Preparedness in FCV ($225,000) supports client dialogue on crisis preparedness by identifying gaps and opportunities to strengthen the capacity of FCS countries to prepare for and manage crises in an effective and timely manner. The grant supports diagnostics, analytics, and knowledge products to inform World Bank operations and programming in countries vulnerable to compound risks, including FCV risks.  

SPF 2022 Annual Report