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Scaling pilot innovative solutions for greater climate resilience

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Building a regional digital economy


Helping South Asia Navigate Shared Waters

Drawing lessons in transboundary water management from the SAWI program, which closed in 2021

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Technology converts human potential into progress in South Asia

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E-commerce creates opportunities for small businesses in South Asia

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How can women in apparel-exporting nations transition from jobs to careers?

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To build a stronger #OneSouthAsia, we help improve economic connectivity, climate resilience, and human capital.

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Breathing Uneasy: Regional Responses to Air Pollution

India, Pakistan officials agree regional cooperation needed

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Eastern Waterways Grid is a win for Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal

600 million people to benefit from improved links to coastal ports

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What's new in #OneSouthAsia?


Regional electricity trade can reduce prices, boost reliabililty

Jan. 31, 2022 - The nascent power trade among Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal is poised to expand as nations harmonize energy policies, hydropower and transmission plans, technical specifications, and commercial requirements. A #OneSouthAsia Conversation explored the benefits and challenges ahead.

Sri Lanka uses wetlands as nature-based solution to absorb flooding

Feb 3, 2022 - Colombo has transformed 20 square km. of long-neglected wetlands into giant sponges, soaking up flood waters and releasing them once the high water has receded. The wetlands also act as carbon sinks and help purify the air and water.

Easing border delays, trade costs in BBIN subregion

Jan 24, 2022 - Bangladesh and Nepal are developing National Single Windows to speed up exports and imports. The windows will accept electronic trade documents, reducing clearance delays and shipping costs. Plans for the World Bank projects benefitted from United Kingdom and Australian funding to improve trade facilitation in the subregion.


New technology piloted for climate resilience in South Asia

Jan. 5, 2022 - Sixteen cutting-edge technologies received Climate Innovation Challenge grants to pilot climate resilience in water, transportation, and agriculture in South Asia. The grants are funded by the UK's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office as part of the World Bank's Climate Adaptation and Resilience (CARE) project for South Asia with the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center and Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (RIMES).


Cross-border business investments can boost COVID-19 recovery

Nov. 22, 2021 - Governments can help the private sector create jobs by easing restrictions on investments so companies can open trade offices, build manufacturing plants, and license services in a neighboring country. Also needed are industry meetings and transboundary women’s networks -- interventions that are low cost and high impact. A new report describes how a handful of firms such as Sri Lanka's Brandix, Pakistan's Soorty Enterprises, Nepal's CG Foods, and India’s Taj Hotels overcame barriers to expand across borders within the region.

Women entrepreneurs in Nepal serve coffee, snacks, and hope

Jan. 11, 2022 - Amma Cafe in Lumbini, Nepal was launched by women entrepreneurs as part of a project to create local jobs near Buddhist sites visited by religious pilgrims and tourists. The women attended literacy classes, cooking classes, and hospitality training; surveyed potential clients; and selected a menu based on local ingredients. To help address husbands' hesitation, the women and their families also attended workshops against gender-based violence.

Advancing regional cooperation

The World Bank's Regional Integration, Cooperation, and Engagement work supports regional activities in South Asia to promote economic connectivity, climate change resilience, and human development. All three can create jobs and fight poverty.

Our approach focuses on transboundary issues in South Asia such as energy, trade, transport, water management, climate change adaptation, and women's economic empowerment. We work with other World Bank teams, partners, and the following trust funds:


VIDEO Mar 17, 2021

Eastern Waterways Grid connects people, products in BBIN subregion

The Eastern Waterways Grid is an economic corridor of rivers and coastal shipping connecting Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal. Cecile Fruman, the World Bank's director of regional integration and engagement for South Asia, describes the project and its benefits for over 600 million people in the region.


VIDEO Jan 05, 2022

Regional Integration, Cooperation, and Engagement in South Asia

Cecile Fruman, director of regional integration and engagement in South Asia, describes how the region benefits from cross-border economic engagement, climate resilience, and human development.

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