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Leveling Up:Advancing Higher Education Cooperation in South Asia

July 20, 2023

The event will be live streamed on this page on July 20th, 8 am. No preregistration is required.

 5:00pm Islamabad I 5:30 pm Colomobo & New Delhi  l 5:45 pm Kathmandu l 6pm Dhaka   

16th #OneSouthAsia Conversation: Our 16th #OneSouthAsia Conversation will focus on exploring opportunities for collaboration in the higher education sector in South Asia. The event will bring together policymakers and practitioners from the region to discuss the challenges and benefits of working together in areas including research, innovation, knowledge exchange, peer review and quality assurance. The Conversation will build on our latest report  Regional Integration for Higher Education Development: Options for the South Asia RegionThe report was recently released at a pan-South Asia conference of higher education professionals held in Colombo in June 2023.

Background:  Higher education systems in South Asia have undergone significant changes in the past two decades. Each country in the region has experienced a rapid rise in university enrollment, fueled by demographic growth and the resulting expansion of secondary education. However, in the absence of sufficient financial resources to accommodate the ever-increasing student numbers, most higher education institutions are facing daunting challenges. Unlike the recent evolution in Europe and East Asia, South Asian higher education systems and institutions have made less progress in working together. There have been, however, a few noteworthy partnerships, for example the Asian University of Women established in 2006 and South Asian University in 2010.The ability of South Asian nations to work together in the higher education sphere will, to a significant extent, determine their capacity to support the development efforts of their respective countries in an effective and dynamic manner.


Advancing Higher Education Cooperation in South Asia

  • When: Thursday, July 20th, 8 am ET
  • Where: Online. Livestreamed on this page
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