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Program for Asia Connectivity and Trade


The Program for Asia Connectivity and Trade, or PACT, is a trust fund administered by the World Bank and supported by the United Kingdom's Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office. Trust fund activities contribute to South Asian regional trade and connectivity initiatives in addition to interregional cooperation with Central Asia.

PACT funds a range of analyses and technical assistance to increase regional trade and cross-border investments. It works to enhance transport and digital connectivity, build regional markets in electricity generation and transmission, and promote people-to-people links that lead to improved market access and services for the poor. PACT is one of several trust funds that support work to build greater regional connectivity highlighted on the #OneSouthAsia website.

Operating across Central Asia and South Asia, PACT activities are in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.


PACT-funded activities include:

  • From Jobs to Careers : Apparel Exports and Career Paths for Women in Developing Countries (2021 report and blog, TF0B5220)
  • Regional Investment Pioneers in South Asia: The Payoff of Knowing Your Neighbors (2021 report, videoblog, and #OneSouthAsia Conversation event, TF0A9003)
  • Hidden Debt: Solutions to Avert the Next Financial Crisis in South Asia (2021 report and press release, TF0B0611)
  • Eastern Waterways Grid to benefit Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal (2021 blog, TF0B0534)
  • Uzbekistan to reform and green its electricity sector with World Bank support (2021 press release, TF0B0188)
  • Afghan communities reap benefits from cross-regional energy project (2021 blog, TF0A8743)
  • What does it take to survey South Asia? Designing a phone survey in 18 languages to measure COVID-19 impacts in the region (2020 blog, TF0B2654)
  • Pakistan Economic Policy for Competitiveness: Import Duties and Performance (2020 report, TF0B0295)
  • Survey of International Experience in Advanced Metering Infrastructure and its Implementation (2018 report, TF0A8792)
  • Data Analytics for Advanced Metering Infrastructure: A Guidance Note for South Asian Power Utilities (2018 report, TF0A8792)
  • Enhancing Efficiency of Trade and Transit in the Khyber Pass Economic Corridor (project documents, TF0A9140)
  • Enhancing Cross-Border Trade of Goods and Services (project documents, TF0B0188)
  • Central Asia Regional Electricity Trade and Market Development (TF0A8743)
  • Economic Corridor Assessment of Myanmar and India (TF0A9495) 
  • South Asia and Central Asia Economic Connectivity: Trade and Logistics Links (TF0A9133)
  • IT and IT-enabling Services (TF0B0303)
  • Regional Broadband Connectivity Study (TF0A8976)
  • Strengthening Regional Digital Connectivity Infrastructure (TF0B0133)
  • Enhancing South Asia Regional Economic Integration (TF0B1025)
  • Regional Trade Facilitation and Transport (TF0B1085)