Quality Infrastructure Investment (QII) Partnership

About QII

The World Bank Group and the government of Japan established the Quality Infrastructure Investment (QII) Partnership with the objective of raising awareness and scaling-up attention to the quality dimensions of infrastructure in developing countries. These include maximizing the positive impact of infrastructure, raising economic efficiency in view of life-cycle cost, integrating environmental and social considerations, building resilience against natural disasters, and strengthening infrastructure governance. The QII Partnership accomplishes this goal through financial support for project preparation and implementation, as well as knowledge dissemination. The QII Partnership aligns to the G20 Principles.

The QII Partnership is managed by the Infrastructure, PPP & Guarantees (IPG) group, housed within the Infrastructure Vice Presidency of the World Bank Group. The Partnership includes the following components.

  • Component 1: Project Grants to enhance QII in operations; and
  • Component 2: Analytical Work

Task Team Leaders across the World Bank with operations (IPFs) including infrastructure components can apply for potential funding. The infrastructure sectors eligible for funding are listed below:

  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Water
  • Digital Development
  • Social, Urban, Rural, and Resilience

Component 1: Project Grants to Enhance QII in Operations

Project Grants will be provided under two funding windows. Proposed activities must be linked with a specific WB lending operation (IPF) under the preparation or implementation stage.

  • Window 1: Standard Grants for up to US$ 700,000 (for a duration of up to 24 months)
  • Window 2: Just-in-Time Grants (JIT) for up to US$ 70,000 (for a duration of up to 10 months)


Component 2: QII Analytical Work

Analytical Grants will be provided to support stand-alone researches, analysis or activities that help advance global knowledge on Quality Infrastructure by providing the analytical or informational basis for informed decision-making on quality infrastructure investments.

  • Analytical Work Window: Grants for up to US$ 700,000 (for a duration of up to 12 months)

Activities to be financed by the QII Partnership must demonstrate a clear linkage to the Quality Infrastructure Principles below:

G20 QII Principles

Principle 1: Maximizing the positive impact of infrastructure to achieve sustainable growth and development

Principle 2: Raising Economic Efficiency in View of Life-Cycle Cost

Principle 3: Integrating Environmental Considerations in Infrastructure Investments

Principle 4: Building Resilience against Natural Disasters and Other Risks

Principle 5: Integrating Social Considerations in Infrastructure Investment

Principle 6: Strengthening Infrastructure Governance

FY Grant Type Country Grant Name Sector Grant Amount Project Size
FY21 SGrant Nicaragua Technical support to develop resilient and safe infrastructure for WACID Project Water $240,000 $50,000,000
FY20 SGrant Iraq Iraq:  Emergency Operation for Development Project Urban $500,000 $400,000,000
FY20 SGrant Dominican Republic Infrastructure and Institutional Support for the Resilient Agriculture and    Integrated Water Resources Management Project – Dominican Republic Water $275,000 $80,000,000
FY20 JIT Morocco Enhancing quality of road investments in the North-East of Morocco Transport $70,000 $200,000,000
FY20 SGrant Mozambique Unlocking Private Finance for Sustainable Urban Infrastructure and Housing in Maputo Urban $450,000 $150,000,000
FY20 SGrant Pakistan Support to preparation of Punjab Rural Sustainable Water and Sanitation Services Project Transport $357,000 $100,000,000
FY20 JIT World Japanese Quality Infrastructure Investment (QII) Case Studies Urban $70,000 $0
FY20 JIT Poland Support to design Life-Cycle-Cost (LCC) criteria in Poland Water $37,500 $1,300,000,000
FY20 JIT Moldova Support and capacity building to design Life-cycle Cost Criteria in Moldova Energy & Extractives $11,000 $100,000,000
FY20 JIT Maldives Battery Energy Storage System Procurement Strategies for Quality Infrastructure Investments Energy & Extractives $70,000 $254,750,000

Quality Infrastructure Investment Database

The Quality Infrastructure Investment Database is an initiative of the G20 under the 2019 Japanese Presidency, in collaboration with the Global Infrastructure Hub, the OECD and the World Bank.

The database includes resources and facilities relevant to Quality Infrastructure Investment under the principles of Sustainable Growth & Development, Economic Efficiency, Environmental Considerations, Building Resilience, Social Considerations, and Infrastructure Governance.

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Jane Jamieson
QII Program Manager
Tel : +1-202-473-3412
Naomitsu Nakagawa
Program Officer
Tel : +81-3-35976189
For general inquiries and to apply, please contact the QII Secretariat at: