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QII: Advancing Green, Resilient, Inclusive Development

Projects Initiated in FY 2022

The QII Partnership provides grant funding to integrate the QII Principles in World Bank infrastructure projects during the preparation and implementation phases and to advance global knowledge of QII through standalone research, analyses, and activities.

QII has provided support to 66 countries across all regions. Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nepal, Peru, Tanzania, and Vietnam are among the largest recipients of QII Partnership funding, each receiving more than $1 million.  


Map showing QII support in 66 countries across all regions


Digital Development


Grant type/Amount

Argentina: Strengthening Digital and Data Infrastructure to Close the Digital Gap

Standard: $300,000

Global: Infratech Country Readiness Diagnostic Tool

Analytical: $200,000

Mali: Strengthening Cybersecurity Foundations

Standard: $400,000

Mongolia: Zero Trust Cybersecurity Infrastructure

Standard:  $320,480

Tajikistan: Promotion of Secure, Resilient, and Inclusive Digital Infrastructure

Standard: $250,000

Uzbekistan: Promoting Green, Resilient, and Inclusive High-Quality Digital Infrastructure

Standard: $350,000