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QII: Advancing Green, Resilient, Inclusive Development

The QII principles in action

About the QII principles

In 2019, the G-20 set forth six voluntary, nonbinding principles that provide a strategic direction for infrastructure investment. The QII Principles build on the consensus that infrastructure is a significant driver of economic prosperity and that well-built and sustainable infrastructure maximizes the positive impacts of these high-priced investments.

The QII Principles:

  1. Maximizing the positive impact of infrastructure to achieve sustainable growth and development
  2. Raising economic efficiency in view of life-cycle cost
  3. Integrating environmental considerations in infrastructure
  4. Building resilience against natural disasters
  5. Integrating social considerations in infrastructure investment
  6. Strengthening infrastructure governance

Applying these principles enables countries to pursue infrastructure investments that maximize the economic, social, environmental, and development impact of infrastructure—the foundation for achieving sustainable, resilient, and inclusive growth.