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The Advance Universal Health Coverage Multi-Donor Trust Fund


Senior health officials in region commit to action on UHC Day

Universal Health Coverage Day is marked every year on December 12 to raise awareness about the global commitment to establish UHC by 2030 so that everyone, everywhere, can enjoy quality health services without financial hardship. This year’s UHC theme “Build the world we want: A healthy future for all” underlines that commitment. The Advance UHC Multi-Donor Trust Fund has been supporting East Asia and Pacific countries to invest in health and move towards full universal health coverage; a goal shared across the region.

What the price of vegetables can teach us about healthier eating habits in ...

Changing habits can be hard, but it becomes easier when the motivation is a healthy family. In Samoa, the government, with support from the World Bank, is using taxation to encourage healthier lifestyle choices for its people. For example, excise taxes have been added to products like cigarettes, sugary drinks, salty snacks, and selected fatty meats. The Government has also been considering reductions in import duties on healthy options like vegetables, fresh chicken, and bottled water to make them more widely affordable.


The Advance UHC Multi-Donor Trust Fund

The fund supports policy-relevant analytical work, targeted in-country technical assistance, and global/regional knowledge sharing activities. It also co-finances health system strengthening interventions and all work to support countries' advance toward UHC.



VIDEO Aug 26, 2020

Investing in Rural Papua New Guinea Through Health

The IMPACT Health project aims to increase the quality and use of essential health services through direct province-level funding at Provincial Health Authorities.

Advance UHC MDTF Newsletter (December 2022)

Gender Equity Innovation Fund targets improved health in the Lao PDR

Gender Equity Innovation Fund targets improved health equity in the Lao PDR

A gender equity and innovation fund in the Lao PDR is encouraging local initiatives that can address the gender and equity issues contributing to poor health in rural villages of the northern provinces of Phongsaly and Oudomxay.
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