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Extractives Global Programmatic Support (EGPS)


Addressing the gender and other identity-factor-differentiated impacts of oil, gas, and mining activities. EGPS supports the implementation of policies and strategies to increase the meaningful economic engagement of women (in good employment, local procurement, and decision-making, and gaining greater respect for women’s rights), and combatting discrimination, harassment, and violence. This engagement to close the gender gap cuts across the entire EGPS portfolio. 

Component 1: Revenue Transparency

 Improving extractives sector revenue transparency and efficiency of public management systems

Transparency and accountability are essential for an inclusive and sustainable extractives sector. This component focuses on improving transparency of industry payments and state revenues from the extractives sector. It supports countries` efforts to implement the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). The EITI is a widely accepted global standard for transparency in the extractives sector. 

Under this component, EGPS supports the following activities:

  • EITI implementation support at the country-level 
  • Strengthening of citizens and civil society organizations (CSOs)’ capacity to hold government and industry to account and to meaningfully participate in EITI implementation.
  • Mainstreaming of the transparency agenda by integrating EITI reporting in government information systems (systematic disclosure) and making available timely and relevant data for decision-making processes, such as in budget preparation. 
  • Generating global knowledge and learning products designed to advance the extractives sector’s transparency. 

Grants to support EITI implementation at the country level are prepared in close coordination with the EITI International Secretariat.