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Extractives Global Programmatic Support (EGPS)



Pillar 1

Revenue Transparency

Revenue transparency and efficiency of public management systems through implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

Pillar 2

Regulation and Institutional Strengthening

Evidence-based, effective regulation and institutional strengthening to set the framework for an extractives sector that enables investment and ensures inclusive and sustainable development.

Pillar 3

Local Value and Diversification

Local value and diversification whereby extractive industries are integrated into the local economy and shared infrastructure is developed to foster structural economic development at the local and national level.

Pillar 4

Local Communities and Ecosystems

Local community benefits for all and mitigating impacts on local ecosystems. This includes active community engagement through information sharing and participation in decision-making.

Logo of Extractives Global Programmatic Support (EGPS), a multi-donor trust fund, supported by the World Bank Group

About the Progam

The Extractives Global Programmatic Support (EGPS) Multi-Donor Trust Fund supports developing countries to build extractives sectors that drive inclusive, sustainable growth and development and ultimately, poverty reduction.




Managing Extractives for Future Generations

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